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Why Choose Legal Conversion Center

The Principals at LCC have more than 100 years of combined call center experience and over 10 years of intake and contract acquisition know-how. We understand the legal intake process from start to finish. Our Intake Specialists are among the most highly-trained in the industry, and they know how to represent your firm. We’ve developed cutting-edge technology that skyrockets conversion rates far beyond industry standards, and our main focus is to increase the ROI of your firm’s marketing dollars. So, if you’re in the market for an intake call center that has all the services you need and quality you desire, you’ve come the right place. Contact us today and let us partner with your firm. We’ll turn more of your callers into cases!

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Jacob Malherbe | Owner X Social Media LLC

"Having sent over 200,000 leads to Legal Conversion Center over the past two years, X Social Media has been the most impressed with LCC’s scalability and performance. LCC and X Social Media have created a custom Feedback Loop between our two firms, so we know in real time important information like the lead status and if it resulted in a retained client. X Social Media and I can count on LCC and their team to deliver that same dedicated performance every day and with every lead."

How We Help Law Firms

We Will Maximize Your Firm’s Marketing Campaigns

With LCC services, you can run your marketing campaigns without fear of losing potential client calls to a voicemail or automated system. Our staff of Intake Professionals are available 24/7/365 to accommodate any amount of call volume your firm’s marketing may generate. In addition, LCC has the lowest abandoned call rate in the call center industry. Your calls will be answered by highly-trained, empathetic specialists who know how to screen, classify, and convert your calls into cases.

We Can Act as Your Firm’s Full-Time or Overflow Intake Center

Many firms outsource all their intake needs to LCC, while some firms have us act as an overflow center for calls that are not able to be answered quickly by the firm’s office staff. In either circumstance, LCC offers a solution that's right for your firm. We can customize your account to ensure that your new case calls are answered by a friendly and highly-trained Intake Professional. From TV to web inquiries, inbound or outbound, you can rest assured that LCC has you covered.

After-Hours, Weekends and Holiday Support

LCC never closes so you can. We're fully staffed 24/7/365, so those new client calls that come in after business hours are covered. We'll answer incoming calls, screen the potential client, set up the appointment, patch the call through to anyone you choose or even send a digital retainer on your firm’s behalf. With LCC’s 100% customizable solutions, we can accommodate practically any call center need your firm may have.