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Austin Legal Intake Services

legal intake call specialist showing how a legal intake call center works for law firms

Call centers play a crucial role in enhancing customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction, and streamlining business operations. They provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for law firms that aim to deliver quality service while managing high call volumes and diverse client needs.

If your law firm is looking for intake support in Austin, Legal Conversion Center is your one-stop partner for customized, high-quality intake services. Take a look below at how we help law firms grow and boost conversion rates through our professional legal intake services.

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Services We Provide in Austin, Texas

At LCC, we provide legal intake services in Austin that provide law firms with opportunities for growth, lead generation, and conversion.

Appointment Scheduling

At LCC, we assist law firms by managing appointment schedules and ensuring that our intake processes are integrated into your system. Our agents handle inbound calls to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments, coordinating with clients and maintaining an organized calendar.

Case Management Integration

To improve productivity and efficiency, LCC offers case management integration. All of our intake services can be seamlessly integrated into your case management system (CMS) so you never miss important information.

Customized Intakes

At LCC, we excel in handling incoming customer calls and providing assistance for various queries. Customized intakes are a great way to address customer concerns and provide information about law firm services while staying true to your brand.

Web Response Call Center

With the rise of digital communication channels, call centers have expanded their services to include managing customer interactions through social media platforms and email. LCC is no exception. At LCC, our agents monitor social media accounts, respond to customer queries, and address email inquiries promptly and professionally.

Spanish Support

LCC offers multilingual support services, enabling your law firm to pursue clients who speak Spanish. Agents proficient in Spanish handle customer interactions, ensuring effective communication and understanding.

Streamline client onboarding, win cases

Types of Cases a Legal Call Center Handles

Legal Conversion Center is one of the top-rated legal call centers for handling complex, varied, and high volume caseloads. Our team of intake experts know how to effectively manage and control calls while providing the compassion that your potential clients need. We have partnered with law firms across the United States who practice the following:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Slip and Fall
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Immigration
  • CPAP Machine
  • Talcum Powder
  • Medical Malpractice

This is just a sampling of the types of cases and potential clients that our agents are adept at handling. Our intake services for law firms can be easily customized to your practice areas and expertise.

Key Steps In The Legal Call Center Process

The legal call center process involves several key steps to ensure effective communication and support for legal clients. Here are the key steps that we follow at LCC:

Call Answering

The process begins when a client or potential client contacts the legal call center. The agents at LCC receive the call and collect essential information from the caller, such as their name, contact details, nature of the legal issue, and any immediate concerns.

Depending on the nature of the call and the services offered by your law firm, our agents can route calls to the appropriate department or attorney. This ensures that the caller is connected with the right legal professional who can address their specific needs.

Obtaining Information and Screening

After gathering basic information, the call center agent conducts an initial screening to assess the urgency and severity of the legal matter. They may ask specific questions to understand the caller’s situation better and determine the appropriate course of action.

During the call, our agents will gather additional information relevant to the legal matter. This can include details about the incident, parties involved, dates and times, supporting documentation, and any other pertinent information that will assist your team in understanding the case.

Legal Advice and Guidance

At LCC, our intake agents will never provide legal advice outside of any protocols you include in your customized intake. Our agents are familiar with legal terminology and basic processes, but are not trained or permitted to provide legal advice.

Case Management

At LCC, case management is an important part of the intake process. Our agents will support your in-house staff to ensure consistency. If the caller needs to schedule a consultation or appointment with a lawyer, our agents assist in finding a suitable time slot based on the attorney’s availability. Using your CMS, we can help manage the details of your cases that free up you and your in-house staff for more important duties.

Referrals and Follow-Up

After the initial call, our agents ensure proper documentation of the interaction and forward the collected information to the appropriate legal staff. They may also schedule follow-up calls or appointments as needed to keep the client informed about the progress of their case or to gather further information. If the potential client is not a good fit for your firm, we can offer referrals to other attorneys or law firms, as directed by your team.

The Benefits of Choosing Legal Conversion Center

Using a legal call center like Legal Conversion Center offers many benefits for your law firm. Here are some of the primary benefits to partnering with LCC:


Outsourcing your legal intake services can be a cost-effective solution compared to establishing and maintaining an in-house intake team. By outsourcing to LCC, your firm can avoid expenses associated with hiring, training, and managing call center staff, as well as investing in infrastructure and technology. We handle those details for you!

Enhancing Client Experience

Partnering with LCC ensures that your clients receive prompt and professional assistance when they contact your law firm. Our trained call center agents can handle client inquiries, provide information, and address concerns, creating a positive impression and improving the overall client experience.

Round-the-Clock Availability

LCC is staffed with trained agents 24/7/365. That means we can provide your clients the convenience of accessing legal support at any time, including outside regular business hours. This availability is particularly crucial for urgent legal matters or situations that require immediate attention.  

Specialized Expertise

Unlike many traditional call centers, LCC has specialized expertise in the legal industry. Our mission, values, and services are all built with the idea of helping law firms grow and do what you do best – helping your clients protect their rights and successfully resolve legal matters.  

Increased Efficiency

By outsourcing call handling to a dedicated call center, your law firm can streamline your operations and improve overall efficiency. LCC’s trained call center agents can handle calls quickly and efficiently, minimizing wait times, reducing call abandonment rates, and maximizing productivity for your legal staff.

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Austin is a growing, increasingly diverse part of Texas. As such, it is more important than ever for law firms to be up to the task of a growing, more diverse client base. That’s why Legal Conversion Center is consistently evolving and updating our practices and services to meet the needs of today’s law firm. From legal intake phone services to web response, case management to dead lead follow up – we have the services your law firm needs to succeed.

Find out how our customizable legal intake services can support the mission and goals of your law firm by contacting us for a free quote.