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If your law firm is looking to grow, reach a wider audience, or boost conversion rates, Legal Conversion Center can help. Our Dallas legal intake services provide efficient and cost-effective intake solutions for law firms of all sizes. Whether you are a boutique firm in the Bishop Arts District, or are a large firm in Downtown – LCC has the services you need to get results, grow, and thrive.

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The Dallas Legal Industry

The legal industry in Dallas, Texas is a vibrant and diverse one. There are a wide variety of law firms in the city, representing a wide range of clients and industries. Estimates suggest there are more than 10,000 practicing attorneys in the city.

The legal industry in Dallas is a growing one. The city is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies and other large businesses, which creates a demand for legal services. The city is also home to a number of law schools, which produce a steady stream of new lawyers.

Some of the most popular areas of practice in Dallas include:

  • Commercial law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law

The legal industry in Dallas is also home to a number of specialized law firms. These firms focus on a particular area of law, such as immigration law, bankruptcy law, or environmental law.

Call Center in Dallas, Texas

At Legal Conversion Center, our Dallas intake services for legal firms are unlike any in the industry. We use a proven proprietary process to help law firms grow and thrive in this ever-changing industry.

Appointment Scheduling

Call center agents can schedule appointments for clients, such as consultations for potential new clients, or appointments for existing clients. At LCC, our services are all customized and integrated into your case management system (see more about this below). This means our agents can quickly access your calendars and make appointments appropriately.

Case Management Integration

At LCC, our agents can access client case information from within the law firm’s system. This helps them to provide faster and more accurate service. For example, an agent can see the client’s past interactions with the company, as well as any open cases they may have.

When call center agents spend less time searching for customer information, they have more time to help potential clients. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. It can also result in reduced costs by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Customized Intakes

Customized intakes can help to improve customer service by ensuring that call center agents have the information they need to quickly and accurately address client needs. Customized intakes also help increase efficiency by reducing the amount of time that agents spend gathering information from potential clients. At LCC, our intake services are all easily customizable to meet your firm’s brand and goals. 

Contract Acquisition Services

Contracts are an important element of every law firm. With LCC’s contract acquisition services, we not only qualify your lead, but once qualified, we will send the retainer agreement on your behalf. Our proprietary intake process gives your firm an edge, and improves conversion rates.

Web Response Call Center

In addition to phone support, LCC offers live chat, email, and web form support to provide multi-channel assistance for your law firm. This is important because agents may be responsible for handling emergency calls or providing information during urgent legal situations. This also provides 24/7 access to an agent representing your firm, so you never miss a potential lead.

Spanish Support

At LCC, we are proud to offer support in multiple languages to better serve the diverse customer base in Dallas. We employ trained agents who are fluent in English and Spanish, so your brand, mission, and services are never lost in translation.

We Serve as the Ideal Partner For Your Firm

Important Steps In The Legal Call Center Process

The legal call center process requires careful handling and adherence to legal regulations to ensure efficient and compliant operations. It also requires skill and experience in the call center, customer service, and legal fields. At LCC, we understand this, and have developed a tried-and-true process. Here are some important steps we take in our legal call center process:

Call Answering

At LCC, our answering service for legal firms is more than just answering calls. Our agents are well-trained in legal terminology and processes. They also receive training in call control and empathy. This is important when answering calls that may be delicate or emotional for the potential client. With this service, you can rest assured that your potential and existing clients are being well cared for.

Obtaining Important Information

During intake, our agents perform an initial screening to determine the nature of the legal issue and its urgency. Next, we collect relevant information such as the caller’s name, contact details, and a brief description of the legal matter. This information is processed and shared with your firm based on your protocols and guidelines.

Legal Guidance and Case Management

We seamlessly integrate into your case management system to ensure detailed call logs, case information, and communication records. Our agents will provide general information about your services and practice areas, but we do not offer legal advice to potential or existing clients.


Following your law firm’s guidance, our call center agents will gladly provide a referral to a more appropriate attorney or law firm for their needs.

By following these important steps, legal call centers can efficiently and effectively assist clients, ensure compliance with legal regulations, and support the smooth functioning of the legal services they represent.


LCC agents may perform follow-up calls with potential clients and those considered “dead leads”. We can handle following up with clients to ensure client satisfaction, update clients on their case progress, and collect any additional information required for the legal process. As with our other services, our follow-up service is completely customizable.

Types of Cases Legal Call Center Handles

With Dallas having such a diverse and growing legal industry, it is important that legal call centers understand the market and the types of cases clients may have. At LCC, we have worked with law firms in Dallas and other areas of Texas pursue and convert leads related to the following case types:

  • Hernia Mesh
  • Injectafer
  • Zantac
  • Infant Formula 
  • Exatech Hip 
  • Exatech Knee 
  • Camp Lejeune 
  • Toxic Baby Formula Lawsuit 
  • Mini Med Pump
  • Roundup

This list is hardly exhaustive. LCC has worked with law firms across the United States in a wide variety of practice areas. From simple disputes to mass torts – our team has what it takes to support your firm and get results. 

The Advantages of Choosing Legal Conversion Center

Partnering with Legal Conversion Center can offer numerous advantages to your law firm. Some of the key advantages you can expect when you partner with us include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Outsourcing your intake process can be more cost-effective than hiring and training in-house receptionists or support staff. It allows your firm to focus on their core legal activities while we handle communications.
  • Improving Client Experience: With LCC’s professional services and highly-trained agents, your clients experience better customer service. Our agents can address inquiries, schedule appointments, and provide updates on cases, leading to higher client satisfaction.
  • Available After Business Hours: LCC’s agents offer round-the-clock support, including after regular business hours and on weekends. This ensures that clients can reach your law firm at any time, especially during emergencies.
  • Trained in Client Triage: At LCC, our agents are equipped to handle emergency calls and can promptly forward urgent matters to the appropriate legal professionals, ensuring critical situations are addressed promptly.
  • Data Management: At LCC, not only do we provide professional case management integration and related services, but we do so adhering to applicable regulations. Our team employs robust data security measures and complies with relevant regulations (such as HIPAA) to protect sensitive client information.

The advantages of working with a skilled, professional legal call center like LCC are numerous. Our partners consistently report improved efficiency and productivity, along with cost-savings and a greater return on their investment.

If you would like to find out more about our services, contact us to learn more about each service, and to get a free quote based on your needs.