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Houston Legal Intake Services

Lawyers and law firms who are looking to grow their client base and convert more leads into paying clients can benefit from the expertise of outsourced legal intake services. At Legal Conversion Center, our services are designed with one goal in mind – to help your law firm grow.

We have spent many years developing a process and training our intake specialists to meet the demands of the legal industry. LCC is proud to offer our services to lawyers and law firms in the Houston metropolitan area. This diverse and growing market is ripe for law firms to grow their audiences in a targeted manner.

Read on to learn more about Houston and our legal intake areas served.

The Legal Industry in Houston, Texas

There are over 10,000 lawyers and law firms in the Houston, Texas area. According to the State Bar of Texas, there were 10,346 licensed lawyers in Harris County, which includes Houston, as of 2022. This number includes both solo practitioners and lawyers who work for law firms.

The Houston area is home to a wide variety of law firms, representing a broad range of practice areas. Some of the largest law firms in Houston include Baker Botts, Vinson & Elkins, and Fulbright & Jaworski. There are also many smaller law firms in Houston, many of which specialize in a particular practice area. LCC has partnered with law firms in the Houston area, such as Sloan Firm, Jim Adler & Associates, and Junell Associates.

Legal Intake Services We Provide in Houston

At LCC, we provide a full range of legal intake services to our partners in Houston. All of our services are completely customizable so we can help law firms grow and achieve great success. Our legal intake services include:

Appointment Scheduling

LCC provides convenient and affordable appointment scheduling services that are tailored to your brand, needs, and goals. Our scheduling services allow your in-house staff to focus on more important tasks. Furthermore, our team is available 24/7.

Case Management Integration

To help law firms grow and thrive, LCC has developed a case management service that seamlessly integrates into legal case management programs. By integrating into case management software, LCC is able to provide lawyers and law firms with a one-stop solution for all of their intake needs.

Customized Intakes

Not only is LCC equipped to tackle the demands of the legal industry – we are also equipped to tackle the varying brands and missions of lawyers and law firms. Our customized intake services are fully customizable so you know your brand is being represented exactly how you choose. From the way your potential clients are greeted, the information they receive, and the intake forms we use – our partners have full control over how the intake process is managed.

Contract Acquisition Services

Our years of experience in call centers and customer service has proven one thing above all – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing a law firm. When we built our contract acquisition service, we kept that fact in mind. That’s why we only charge our partners for the services they really need. Whether you need contracts developed, entered into your case management system, or followed throughout the intake process – we can help!

Web Response Call Center

Research shows that millions of Americans search for legal advice and assistance during evening and weekend hours. That means law firms who only have staff available during “business hours” may miss millions of potential clients. With LCC’s web response call center service, law firms will never miss the opportunity to connect to a potential client. Our specialists review and respond to web inquiries 24/7.

Spanish Support

With more than 20% of the American population speaking Spanish as a primary language, it is in most business owners’ best interests to have a means of appropriately and effectively communicating with this audience. At LCC, we provide Spanish support for legal intake that can help grow law firms, reduce overhead costs, and boost credibility in the Spanish-speaking community.

Types of Cases a Legal Call Center Handles

A legal call center can handle inquiries on a wide variety of cases. At LCC, our team partners with law firms who manage cases involving the following:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Slip and Fall
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Immigration
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Hernia Mesh
  • CPAP Machines
  • Toxic Baby Formula Lawsuit 
  • Tylenol Autism Lawsuit 
  • 3M Earplug Lawsuits 
  • Camp Lejeune Lawsuits
  • Talcum Powder
  • Zantac
  • Mini Med Pump
  • Paraquat
  • Roundup
  • Zantac 
  • Talcum Powder 
  • Infant Formula 
  • Exatech Hip 
  • Exatech Knee 
  • Camp Lejeune 
  • Firefighting Foam Lawsuit 

This list is not exhaustive. Our experience includes partnering with lawyers and law firms across the United States, across a wide range of practice areas, to help them grow their client base. A well-rounded legal call center should offer services that meet the needs of a wide range of practice areas and specializations.

Key Steps In The Legal Call Center Process

The legal call center process involves specific steps to ensure effective communication and support for legal inquiries. While the exact process may vary depending on the organization, here are the key steps typically involved:

Call Answering

The process begins when a client or individual contacts the legal call center via phone, email, or other communication channels. The call center representative answers the call and collects basic information such as the caller’s name, contact details, and a brief summary of their legal issue.


After gathering the initial information, the call center representative determines the appropriate destination for the call. They may need to route the call to a specific attorney or legal department based on the nature of the inquiry or the client’s requirements. If the agent believes that the case is not appropriate for the law firm, they may make recommendations or provide information as established by the law firm.

Information Gathering

Once the call is routed to the appropriate attorney or department, the representative collects additional information from the caller to better understand the legal issue. This may involve asking specific questions related to the matter, gathering relevant documents, or obtaining any other necessary details.

Legal Advice or Guidance

Based on the evaluation, the attorney provides legal advice or guidance to the caller. They explain the options available, discuss potential outcomes, and offer recommendations on how to proceed. It’s important to note that the advice provided may not constitute formal legal representation but rather general guidance.

Case Management

The attorney or legal professional assigned to the call then evaluates the gathered information to assess the legal situation. They review the facts, analyze any applicable laws or regulations, and consider relevant precedents or similar cases to determine the best course of action.

Throughout the call center process, it is crucial to maintain accurate documentation and records. The attorney or legal professional takes notes during the call, records relevant details, and updates the case management system or client files accordingly.


In some cases, the legal call center may need to follow up with the caller after the initial conversation. This can involve scheduling appointments, sending relevant documents, or providing additional information as required.


If the matter falls outside the scope of the legal call center’s capabilities, a referral to an appropriate legal expert or organization may be made.

The Benefits of Choosing Legal Conversion Center

Now that you have seen just how beneficial it can be to outsource intake services for legal firms, let’s talk about why Legal Conversion Center is the right company for the job. Take a look:


At LCC, we believe that our partners should pay a fair price for the services they want and need. We don’t charge for a host of services that may or may not be used. Our pricing structure is built on simplicity and efficiency.

Improved Client Service

Having dedicated staff handle your intake improves client service. It provides consistency and quality interactions without the interruptions of an office, other staff members, other calls, etc. Our trained intake specialists know how to connect with potential clients and provide the highest quality customer service available. This boosts your reputation and leaves clients with a good impression.

Enhanced Availability

We all wish there were more hours in the day to complete our workload. The reality, however, is that most lawyers and law firms keep standard “business hours” for online inquiries and calls. With LLC, our enhanced availability keeps your law firm ready for business at any time of day. We help connect your potential clients to your firm, answer questions, and provide information no matter where or when the inquiry occurs.

Specialized Expertise

The leadership team at LCC has more than 10 years of specialized legal intake experience. We also have decades of experience in customer service. Combining this experience with our passion for providing effective solutions has allowed us to highly specialize our services and provide top-notch training that our partners won’t find anywhere else.

Increased Efficiency

When you partner with LCC, you are partnering with a company that believes in growing your business and helping your potential clients find the legal resources they need. We know from our own experience, and from working with our legal partners, just how important efficiency is to achieving these goals. By partnering with us, your in-house staff can focus their time on the most important tasks, and you can focus on your clients. 

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