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HIPAA Compliant Answering Service

HIPAA Compliant Answering Service

You need a HIPAA compliant answering service that is not vulnerable to cybercrimes and is HIPPA compliant. When it comes to your clients, you value professionalism and confidentiality. At Legal Conversion Center, we value those same traits. You’ve always trusted that your intake forms, contracts, and client documentation are safe as they pass through us to your team. But now we have added another layer of security and peace of mind.

Legal Conversion Center is proud to announce that we now have a HIPAA seal of compliance. What’s more, our company passed a third-party review for compliance. This review was done by the notable company Accountable. We are proud to publicly demonstrate our compliance with HIPAA laws as we serve our partners in the legal industry. 

What is HIPAA?  

HIPAA is the common acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This federal law requires sensitive patient information to be protected by healthcare facilities, insurance providers, businesses, and other parties. Additionally, patient information must not be disclosed without the patient’s knowledge and/or consent.

If your law firm accesses or uses identifiable patient healthcare information as part of your cases, then you know how important it is to follow HIPAA guidelines and protect your clients’ privacy. Now, you can rest assured that Legal Conversion Center is also following those guidelines and taking the required steps to protect yours and your clients’ information.

Working with a HIPAA Complaint Answering Service is Essential

When you work with a company that is HIPAA compliant, you are demonstrating that your entire team is invested in the security of client information. At Legal Conversion Center, being HIPAA compliant means that our team:

  • Ensures the confidentiality and integrity of protected information
  • Safeguards against potential threats to security
  • Protects against impermissible disclosure or use

Even if your law firm doesn’t routinely need access to HIPAA-protected information, it is best to work with a legal intake service that is HIPAA compliant. In that way, you know that any online or digital information is protected per HIPAA guidelines.

Medical compliance is incredibly important as there are strict penalties for HIPAA violations. Most HIPAA violations occur in healthcare settings, but it is worth noting that any company who requests HIPAA-protected information can suffer consequences for the following violations:

  • Not destroying outdated or incorrect medical information
  • Not releasing requested patient information quickly
  • Inappropriate disclosure of patient information
  • Malicious outside access to patient data (hacking, etc.)
  • Misplaced or inappropriately kept physical documents

The best way to prevent HIPAA violations is to ensure that your business is HIPAA compliant, and your staff members are properly trained. At Legal Conversion Center, we provide our staff with federal HIPAA training and certification. This is part of our commitment to quality and integrity. 

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At Legal Conversion Center, our proprietary process and commitment to quality is what sets us apart. To learn more about our legal intake services, contact us for a free quote. Feel free to ask us about our mission and values, training our staff members, and how we can help you convert more callers into clients.