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Call Center Sales Training Improves Sales And Service

Posted on Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 at 6:39 pm    

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A Different Approach to Legal Call Center Services

Dallas/Fort Worth TX, September 6, 2022: Five partners with more than 100 years of call center experience have opened a new legal call center located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The call center, named Legal Conversion Center (LCC), offers state of the art new client intake and contract acquisition services to law firms. LCC is a subsidiary of SGMS and currently employs more than 150 full-time staff, with plans to add another 100 staff members by October, 2022

“Legal Conversion Center is on the leading-edge of call center services for the legal industry,” says LCC Partner and Business Development Director Scott Fuentes. “We’ve created a system using new technology and intense sales training for our Intake Representatives. This training and technology has translated into the highest conversion rates the industry has ever seen. Our Intake Representatives are closers, focused on meaningful customer acquisition. No other call center can offer the quality and range of services we do at our prices.”

Legal Conversion Center offers two customizable services for law firms:

  • 24/7 New Client Intake – Law firms partner with LCC to handle inbound and outbound calls generated by advertising. LCC takes these calls and screens them for the law firm. Qualified calls are then routed to the firm or appointments are scheduled for in-person consultations.
  • 24/7 Contract Acquisition – When calls are qualified, LCC can immediately sign the client for the law firm to expedite the process. This service increases conversion rates far beyond those of traditional client acquisition methods.

We can all agree, law firms are struggling with growing competition. We offer cutting-edge solutions to help the modern law firm compete in today’s marketplace. LCC has an intense focus on sales training and we have harnessed technology in a way that gives our clients an advantage over their competitors.

For more information on LCC’s new client intake and contract acquisition services, please visit or contact Scott Blackburn at 1-888-409-4993 or [email protected].