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How to Convert More Website Leads For Your Law Firm

Posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2022 at 9:33 am    

Whether we like it or not, a lot of business happens online. In fact, many law firms find that the majority of their leads come from online sources like their website, Google, or contact form. An unfortunate reality is that if your law firm is not set up to convert leads, you may actually lose qualified potential clients.

Getting leads is just the first step to growing your law practice. Once you have leads, you need to convert them into paying clients. The key to doing this is using tools and strategies that are known to work for law firms.

7 Simple Ways to Increase Website Leads

It’s great knowing that people are viewing your website. But that’s not enough to grow your practice. Use the following tools and strategies to convert more website leads for your law firm.

1. Create a Strong Value Proposition

What makes your law firm stand out against the competition? Maybe it’s the number of years in practice, the variety of practice areas, or a unique specialization. If you don’t highlight these qualities, then customers who are browsing law firms will not see exactly what you have to offer. Creating a strong value proposition means avoiding fluff and generic summaries. Instead, show off the value that you bring to clients in a detailed, succinct way.

2. A Clear Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is the element of your website, blog, video, or other digital content that encourages the user to take action. CTAs should be clear, defined, and prominently displayed on your website. To convert more leads, think of the CTA as part of a journey. The first step is clicking the button. The second step is filling out contact information. The third step is a consultation with a lawyer. Be creative with your CTAs. Don’t just tell the user to “click here.” Tell them to download your free guide or start a live chat.

3. Provide Immediate Response

Automation is a great way to hand off tasks and free up your time. Unfortunately, it can seem very impersonal to some consumers. An immediate live response to a website inquiry can make the potential new client feel seen, heard, and interested in what your firm has to say.

4. Follow Up on Leads

Not every lead converts on the first visit or interaction. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on those potential new clients. Instead, create a system and schedule for following up with ‘dead’ leads. An ideal strategy is to follow up 3-5 times, keeping track of when you made contact and the result. Document your process here, as this could be valuable information.

The information you collect could help in recognizing when leads are most likely to respond and interact, as well as their preferences for how to be contacted.

5. Retarget Visitors

Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that helps you stay visible to users who don’t convert right away. Retargeted ads are a good way to subtly remind the user that they were on your website and were considering asking for more information. Studies suggest that retargeted display ads can increase conversions by as much as 70%.

6. Incorporate Video

Video is a powerful tool to add to your website. Did you know that the human brain processes video faster than written text? That’s why it is so powerful – it gets and holds attention. Studies have shown that incorporating video into your website can increase the conversion rate by as much as 80%.

Incorporating video into your website doesn’t have to be complicated, and you definitely don’t need a feature-length film. Videos should be short and have value to the client. You can incorporate a lead capture or button directly into your video to increase engagement.

7. Track Leads in a CRM

A CRM is a customer relationship management program. These programs help you track your interactions with leads and collect information about conversions. CRMs are incredibly useful if you want to know where your leads are coming from, how they are interacting with your website, how they prefer to communicate, and how often they convert to paying clients.

8. Work With a Legal Call Center

One of the best ways to maximize lead generation and conversions is to work with a legal call center. Your law firm is busy, and your intake team may not have the bandwidth or experience necessary to generate leads and increase conversions. A legal call center can take on these tasks for you so your staff can focus on where they are needed most.

Contact a Trusted Legal Call Center

At Legal Conversion Center, we offer a variety of intake, contract acquisition, follow up, and case management services. Our legal intake specialists are trained on the best ways to convert leads into paying clients. We work closely with each law firm to assess your goals and budget, and provide solutions that maximize your return on investment, and your conversion rate.