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Law Firm Call Center Intake Specialist Training For Abuse Cases

Posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2022 at 9:31 am    

Call center specialist training

It is incredibly difficult for survivors of abuse to come forward and share their stories. That is one reason why so many survivors never tell their stories to an attorney or law firm, and many never file charges or civil claims against the person responsible. Survivors often are simply too afraid of sharing such sensitive information with anyone outside their closest circle.

At Legal Conversion Center, we partner with law firms across the country in their mission to support survivors as they pursue justice. We are dedicated to providing a safe space for your potential clients to learn about your services and secure the legal representation they need.

If your law firm is running an abuse or sexual abuse campaign, Legal Conversion Center can help you make the best first impression on potential new clients.

Law Firm Call Center Intake Specialist Training

Intake specialists are an important part of your law firm. These are the individuals who answer phones calls, emails, and website form submissions. They gather information from potential new clients and determine if they qualify for your services. Often, they will follow up with leads multiple times. Finally, intake specialists convert leads into clients by assisting them in signing a retainer.

At Legal Conversion Center, we know that sensitive legal topics require more than basic intake training. Part of our dedication to providing a safe space for abuse survivors who need legal help is ensuring that our intake professionals are properly trained in handling sensitive topics.

At Legal Conversion Center, we provide training on:

  • Empathy
  • Call Control
  • HIPAA Regulations

Our training focuses on the most important aspects of safety and security when it comes to abuse cases.  


Intake specialists trained for abuse cases will know how to be objective-yet-compassionate about the potential client’s situation. They will be supportive and attentive, patient, and willing to let the client take their time as they explain their case. It can be difficult for intake specialists to listen to details of abuse and trauma. The most successful intake specialists are those with a natural ability to be objective and empathetic.

Call Control

Potential clients call your law firm to get legal advice or help. This often begins with them retelling their story and providing you with information. This process can easily get off track as conversation progresses. But before you can help potential clients, you need to know certain relevant information about their case.

This is why the intake specialists at Legal Conversion Center are trained in call control and qualifying leads. Our specialists know what questions to ask and how to redirect the conversation if it strays from the topic at hand. 

HIPAA Regulations

Many cases involving abuse will also involve medical or other healthcare-related records. At Legal Conversion Center, we provide HIPAA training and certification for our intake team. That means potential clients can provide information to your law firm in a safe and secure manner. Not only do we provide training for our staff, but Legal Conversion Center is proud to hold the HIPAA seal of compliance.

Benefits of Call Center Intake Specialist Training for Abuse Cases

Legal cases involving abuse are emotionally-charged and contain sensitive information. The last thing your law firm needs is potential clients feeling intimidated or uncomfortable with your intake process. The good news is that you don’t have to manage intake on your own.

At Legal Conversion Center, legal intake is what we do. It is our specialty and we have refined our process to an art. Our highly trained law firm intake agents know how to handle sensitive topics with the utmost care and compassion. Working with an intake team that is specially trained to handle abuse cases can benefit your law firm by:

  • Avoiding a generic first impression
  • Building trust with survivors
  • Converting more leads into clients
  • Providing data about your leads and conversions

Why Contact Legal Conversion Center?

If your law firm is looking for intake support that is safe, effective, and customizable, then look no further than Legal Conversion Center. We have worked with law firms and lawyers across the United States, helping them build customized intake services for abuse cases and other sensitive legal matters.

Our experience has proven successful time and again, as law firms report getting more leads and conversions than ever before. We attribute much of our success to the training and supervision that we provide for our intake team. We value quality and safety, and it shows in our reputation.

Find out how our intake specialists who are trained to handle abuse cases can help your law firm engage more potential clients by contacting us today.