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Legal Call Center vs. Traditional Call Center the Difference

Posted on Friday, April 21st, 2023 at 9:46 am    

Legal call center agents providing intake and contract acquisition services to law firms at Legal Conversion Center based in Texas.

The modern law firm needs a legal call center to provide intake services, customer support, and to help improve productivity. However, not all call centers are created equal. Law firm call centers differ significantly from traditional call centers.

We will explore the differences between these two types of call centers, including their purpose, staffing requirements, training, and technology.

A Legal Call Center Differs from a Traditional Call Center

For modern law firms, choosing a call center that provides legal intake services instead of a traditional call center can help convert potential clients into consultations and cases. Law firms benefit from call centers that specialize in meeting their needs. Take a closer look at why call centers specific work with attorneys are a better choice for law firms:

The Purpose of the Call Center

The primary purpose of a traditional call center is to provide customer service and support. This can include answering product-related questions, resolving billing issues, or providing technical assistance. In contrast, a call center catering to the needs of lawyers handles legal inquiries and services, such as scheduling appointments with attorneys and conducting legal research.

Staffing the Call Center

The staffing requirements for an attorney call center is more specialized than those for a traditional call center. Staff at attorney call centers must be familiar with legal terminology and procedures, and have a background in law or legal services. Whereas, traditional call centers can typically hire staff members with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Training of Call Center Staff

Legal intake and contract acquisition call center staff require more extensive and specific training. Staff members must have a deep understanding of legal procedures and terminology, as well as an understanding of ethical and professional responsibilities. Conversely, staff at traditional call centers receive training on customer service skills, product knowledge, and basic problem-solving skills.

Technology Used in Call Centers

The technology utilized in a law firm call center is typically more advanced and customized than a traditional call center. Call centers addressing legal firms’ needs require access to specialized research databases and proprietary software programs that traditional call centers may not use. Additionally, agents are trained in using specialized phone systems to transfer calls easily.

Legal Requirements

Call center that service law firms must adhere to strict legal requirements and regulations. For example, staff members must comply with attorney-client privilege rules, maintain confidentiality, and ensure that they do not engage in unauthorized practice of law. Traditional call centers are not subject to these same legal requirements and regulations.

Additionally, when representing a law firm, Call centers for attorneys must adhere to regulations:

Legal Liability

Legal answering services can also face legal liability if they do not follow the appropriate statutory procedures or provide incorrect legal advice. Traditional call centers are generally not subject to this same level of legal liability, as their primary focus is on customer service rather than legal advice

Choosing a Call Center for Your Firm

Legal intake call centers are designed to handle legal-related inquiries and services, require specialized staff members with legal backgrounds, and use advanced technology and software programs. They must adhere to strict legal requirements and regulations and can face legal liability if they do not follow the appropriate legal procedures or provide incorrect legal advice.

There are many benefits for law firms who choose to work with a call center that addresses their needs instead of a traditional call center. Benefits include:

  • Law firms can rest assured that their potential clients are being provided a quality intake experience.
  • The reputation and brand of the law firm is being accurately portrayed and supported.
  • Agents are trained in empathy, which is crucial since many potential clients are going through a traumatic experience.
  • Dedicated agents know how to screen and qualify leads accurately.
  • They can easily integrate into a law firm’s customer relationship manager (CRM) or case management system (CMS).
  • Agents know how to execute contracts or retainer agreements on first contact.

Overall, a call center for attorneys provides excellence in customer service while keeping the firm’s goals in mind.

Partner With a Trusted Legal Intake Call Center

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