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NEC Lawsuit Intake Services

Legal intake specialists providing nec lawsuit intake services.

Parents of premature infants are filing lawsuits against certain baby formula manufacturers after research has showed that feeding ‘preemies’ cow’s milk-based baby formula increases the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Lawsuits being filed highlight that formula manufacturers do not place warnings about NEC on their product labels alerting parents or medical professionals of the potential risks of using the product.

Parents of infants with NEC are pursuing compensation for injuries or death, as well as financial losses and emotional distress. Due to the vast number of potential plaintiff’s coming forward, an increasing number of law firms are pursuing NEC cases.

If your law firm is considering targeting NEC cases, partner with a legal call center that can help you generate and convert more potential clients. At Legal Conversion Center, our NEC lawsuits intake services provide the support your law firm needs to obtain NEC leads, convert more leads, and provide the outstanding legal guidance NEC clients need.

Understanding NEC

NEC is a serious medical condition that affects infants, particularly those born before 32 weeks of gestation. It involves inflammation and damage to the intestines, specifically the colon and small intestine. NEC typically manifests as a range of symptoms, including feeding difficulties, bloating, vomiting, and bloody stools. In severe cases, the condition can progress to tissue death (necrosis) in the affected intestinal segments, leading to perforation of the intestine and potentially causing infection to spread into the abdominal cavity.

Research suggests that one of the leading causes of NEC is cow’s milk-based baby formula. Baby formula is harder to digest and may lead to slower gut maturation. The introduction of formula can alter the composition of the gut microbiome, potentially promoting an environment that is conducive to inflammation and infection, both of which are central to the development of NEC.

Parents of infants who survive NEC may qualify for an NEC lawsuit if their child suffered:

  • Bowel perforation
  • Intestinal strictures
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Neurological damage
  • Sepsis
  • Bowel resection

Parents of infants who died due to NEC may also qualify for compensation through a wrongful death claim.

Legal Call Center Can Support Law Firms

A good legal call center will offer your firm more than just intake support. The best call centers, such as LCC, offer a comprehensive range of services that support your potential clients and your law firm. At LCC, we focus on providing support for NEC lawsuits that helps potential clients get the legal services they need, simultaneously helping your law firm grow. How do we accomplish this goal? Consider how our legal intake services can help:

Accessibility and Swift Responses

Individuals and families with difficult legal matters search for legal help at all hours of the day and night. Often, potential clients require immediate assistance and are looking for a swift response. LCC operates around the clock to ensure that clients can reach out for help even during off-hours. This helps ensure a prompt response and support for potential clients. It further helps ensure that you never miss a potential lead.

Acquiring Crucial Information During Screenings

LCC’s trained call center agents conduct preliminary screening to determine the urgency and severity of a potential client’s situation. This helps your law firm prioritize cases and allocate resources appropriately, giving more attention to cases with higher potential for success.

Prepared For a Client’s Case

At LCC, we are prepared to assist you in managing your clients’ cases by establishing efficient processes, training our staff, utilizing technology, and collaborating closely with your law firm. Here’s how we ensure we are well-prepared:

  • Customized, structured intake process.
  • Trained call center agents who are familiar with legal concepts related to NEC cases.
  • Using case management software integration to assign cases to appropriate legal experts and track key milestones.
  • Open lines of communication with the law firms or attorneys associated with the cases.
  • Robust data security measures to protect sensitive client information and maintain client confidentiality.
  • Streamlined workflows to ensure prompt case handling and minimize delays in response or information gathering.
  • Stay updated on changes to NEC regulations and related legal developments to provide the most accurate and current information to clients.
  • A feedback loop between LCC and law firms to continuously improve processes and the quality of service provided.

By implementing these strategies, LCC effectively prepares for cases, and ensures that clients receive accurate information, timely assistance, and a seamless experience throughout the legal process.

How Can Call Centers Assist Law Firms with NEC Lawsuits?

A legal call center like Legal Conversion Center can play a significant role in assisting law firms with NEC lawsuits. At LCC, our NEC lawsuit intake services assist law firms by prioritizing NEC intake, providing efficient and effective intake, and supporting law firms with NEC insights:

Efficiently Prioritizing NEC Cases for Law Firms

LCC’s intake team strategically prioritizes NEC cases for law firms by employing a well-defined triage process that evaluates the urgency, complexity, and potential impact of each case. We collaborate closely with law firms and attorneys to ensure that branding and services are consistent, and that we are screening potential clients based on your protocols. Our screening process allows us to prioritize NEC cases for further contact, contract acquisition, and follow up. 

Streamlining Client Intake

LCC’s intake agents handle initial inquiries from potential clients who are seeking legal assistance for NEC lawsuits. Our agents gather essential information about the client’s situation, assess the viability of the case, and schedule appointments or consultations with your attorneys. This process is streamlined using customized call guides and seamless integration with your client management system.

Providing Insight on NEC Cases with Expert Research

At LCC, we are more than just a call center – we are a comprehensive support system for your firm. Our team can provide insight on NEC cases using expert research and employing a team of professionals who are well-versed in NEC cases, medical malpractice law, HIPAA compliance, and relevant legal precedents.

By leveraging call center services, law firms can enhance their efficiency, provide better client experiences, and focus on the legal aspects of NEC lawsuits while leaving communication and administrative tasks to trained professionals. This collaboration can lead to improved client satisfaction and better outcomes for legal cases.

We Train All Of Our Call Center Agents On Compliance

NEC lawsuit cases involve personal and medical information. Understanding this, LCC is committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable state and federal guidelines. All of our agents are trained in HIPAA compliance to ensure that protected personal and medical information is kept safe and confidential.

Clients Can Be Served In Both Spanish And English

Part of our commitment to compliance is ensuring that English- and Spanish-speaking clients can understand our process and communicate effectively with our team. LCC is staffed with agents who are fluent in both English and Spanish. There will never be a concern that language barriers are the reason why you miss a lead or fail to convert one.

Trained in Your Law Firm’s Services

At LCC, all of our services are customizable. We partner with law firms to assess your needs and goals, and ensure that our process is effective and successful. Once we establish a process with you, we ensure that our agents receive training and have an appropriate understanding of your brand, needs, services, and goals.

Obtain The Correct Information On The First Call

LCC’s agents work diligently to gather the correct information during the first call with a potential client. Our agents gather essential information from clients, such as details about the circumstances leading to the NEC lawsuit, parties involved, and any evidence available. This information can be organized and shared with your attorneys, making case analysis and preparation more efficient.

Let LCC Help You Get more NEC Lawsuit Clients

If your law firm is looking to obtain more NEC lawsuit leads and clients, LCC can help. NEC is a tragic medical condition that affects the most vulnerable among us. LCC fully supports the efforts of law firms helping families pursue justice for their injured or deceased infants.

To learn more about our NEC lawsuit services, contact us for a free customized quote.