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What Is A Warm Transfer?

Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2022 at 11:43 am    

Call center agents using warm transfer method.

There are two types of call transfers – a cold transfer and a warm transfer. A cold transfer occurs when a call is transferred from one person to another without any introduction or information sharing. A warm transfer occurs when a call is transferred after a brief introduction and information sharing between the original agent and the individual the call is being transferred to.

A warm transfer is the preferred method of transferring calls in professional environments. Warm transfers provide a more professional and client-oriented interaction between the caller and receiver. They also reduce frustration for staff and callers, save time, and help ensure an efficient process.

At Legal Conversion Center, we believe that warm transfers are more efficient and result in a better overall customer experience. We train our legal intake specialists on the proper way to complete a warm transfer, and when it is most applicable. Below, we provide helpful information about warm transfers based on our decades of call center experience.  

How a Warm Transfer Works

A warm transfer means more than just transferring a call to the appropriate extension or voicemail. It involves speaking with the appropriate recipient and providing pertinent information before connecting them to the caller. The caller does not hear this exchange, but is placed on a brief hold.

Once the agent has spoken with the appropriate recipient, they will inform the caller that they are transferring them. Ideally, the agent will provide the caller with the name and title of whom they will be speaking with. Once the transfer is complete, the agent will hang up.

Why Use Warm Transfers Instead of Cold Transfers

Law firms receive numerous phone calls every day from potential clients, courts, and other attorneys. If the law firm is running a marketing campaign, the number of calls may be much higher than usual. In either case, many of these calls will need to be transferred from the agent or service who answered the call to the appropriate party inside the firm.

Most often, call transfers occur between law firm staff or call center agents and attorneys. By performing a warm transfer, agents have the ability to provide information about the caller and their needs to the attorney before completing the transfer. This helps the attorney know a bit about the situation beforehand. It also means that the caller will not have to explain their situation a second time to someone else. 

Using a warm transfer also provides a better experience for the caller because they will feel as though their needs are being taken seriously and they are getting help from an appropriate party. Furthermore, warm transfers alleviate client anxiety about communicating complicated information to multiple parties.

Training Intake Specialists for Warm Transfers

Practically anyone can complete a cold transfer, as it is blind and requires little effort. Warm transfers, on the other hand, require a bit more time and attention to the caller and their details. At Legal Conversion Center, we have found that training our intake specialists specifically in handling warm transfers is a key to successful interactions. We provide our specialists with training on:

  • How to direct calls appropriately
  • What to say when a transfer is necessary or appropriate
  • How to make appropriate ‘small-talk’ to avoid awkward silences
  • How to keep callers comfortable while making a transfer

Let’s face it – callers are stressed and often have short attention spans. For that reason, call center intake specialists must be trained in how to control calls and maintain engagement while completing their intake process. To be successful in doing so requires a combination of natural customer service skills and adequate training.

How Legal Conversion Center Fosters Warm Transfers

Most law firms do not have adequate staff to manage an influx of calls. That is why so many law firms partner with legal call centers. At Legal Conversion Center, we are passionate about providing exemplary service. We provide comprehensive legal intake services that allow attorneys to focus on their clients, which saves attorneys time, money, and sometimes frustration.

At Legal Conversion Center, all of our services are customizable. From the moment a potential client calls, our intake specialists will follow the protocols established by your law firm.

  • What questions do we need to ask?
  • What information should we collect?
  • Who should we transfer calls to?
  • What message do you want to convey to your callers?

Our 27/7/365 intake agents ensure that you never miss an inquiry or potential lead. With unmatched customer service, our intake services can also help build your reputation and revenue.

Don’t risk making your callers uncomfortable or feel like they are not important. Let Legal Conversion Center handle your intake. Our intake services new client intake, web response, appointment scheduling, obtaining signed retainers, and lead follow up. We even offer Spanish support so you can reach a diverse audience of potential clients.