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Who We Are

LCC’s leadership team have more than 100 years of call center experience and are passionate about conversion rates. Our goal is to help your law firm sign more cases from your marketing and advertising spend. Our Intake Professionals have the highest quality of training, from empathy training to top-notch sales training. You can rest assured that your new client inquiries will be handled with the utmost professionalism, care and attention to detail.

Meet The Team

Scott Blackburn

Scott Blackburn is Partner and President and has 15 years of call center experience. Scott works with the legal management team, as well as clients, and has direct oversight of Legal Conversion Center’s operations process.

Scott believes that quality service originates at the operations level. He understands the technical needs of law firms and uses his knowledge, skills, and abilities to help LCC stay on top of the latest tools in the industry. He understands that LCC’s service assists people in getting the help they need quickly. His desire to make that process easier for the client makes LCC the leader for legal call center solutions.

Scott’s contribution to Legal Conversion Center are immeasurable. In addition to overseeing operations, he has built long-lasting relationships with some of the country’s top SSD firms and some of the top legal lead providers in the industry.

Scott has many certifications in the IT world that allow for quick fixes to many issues throughout the organization. His work behind the scenes ensures that calls flow in and out of LCC without disruption.

Heather Nazal

Heather Nazal is Director of Client Services.

“I have had the pleasure of working in the legal industry since 2009. My humble start was working in Social Security Disability and grew from that into the legal marketing space. In the past and in my current role I provide high-level account management to ensure that law firms are able to grow their business. The Client Services team at Legal Conversion Center aims to build a great firm experience so that firms can focus on case management and winning cases. We work to ensure that our intake and retainer process is seamless with the firms’ operations.”

Scott Fuentes

Scott Fuentes is Partner and Chief Business Development Officer at Legal Conversion Center. Scott has more than 10 years of call center experience. He helped built one of the largest legal specific call centers in the country. Scott is also key in developing many of the industry’s leading intake and conversion software for call centers.

Billy Walters

Billy came to Legal Conversion Center as General Counsel in June of 2021 after building and managing mass tort dockets for a major mass tort law firm in Houston, Texas. In his previous role he managed a book of business across a variety of dockets that exceeded $15MM in case acquisition costs for practice areas as varied as personal injury, Social Security disability, and eminent domain, among others. Billy also spent 10 years in online advertising before becoming a lawyer, and was previously at a nationally-recognized medical malpractice firm, as well as a District Attorney’s office. He has a wife and three daughters and they live in Arizona.

Monica Ingram

Monica Ingram is the Human Resources Director and Tax Specialist at LCC. She has more than 17 years of experience in the call center industry. Monica is responsible for all Human Resources activities, including recruitment, training, professional development, appraisals, conflict resolution, rewards/incentives, state/federal legal compliance and payroll management. She is a key player in maintaining LCC’s work culture and is also the Senior Tax Specialist for the business.