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Why Choose Legal Conversion Center

Legal Conversion Center is different! We take a unique approach to legal intake that most call centers and law firms haven’t even thought of. We’re number-crunchers and sales specialists, and we understand that Conversion is everything! Our training is far beyond what other call centers implement, and our Q/A team is so dedicated to perfectionism that it’s rare we make mistakes. When we do, we fix them and make it right! The quality of our Intake Specialists and Client Services team has set the new standard for legal call centers nationwide. Because our team is composed of top call center industry leaders, we know how to run our business effectively and efficiently. Therefore, we maximize our Intake Specialist time while minimizing our overhead and saving your firm money in the process.

We know what’s right and what’s not, and our pricing reflects the honest and fair people that you and your clients will work with. We will never nickel and dime you. We don’t have minute-based packages. We don’t charge for agent work time that’s impossible to audit. In short, your bill is no more than a few easy-to-define, line items. If there is a problem, you will have a direct line to one of the Principals of the company. That’s how LCC does business. Contact us to learn more!

 Our Approach

Our approach is much different than other call centers. Our ONLY goal is to create quality conversions. A conversion might consist of patching through a live call to your law firm, or scheduling an appointment, or getting a signed retainer. We train our Intake Professional to complete these conversions with perfect quality. We have created a work environment where our Intake Professionals are acknowledged by peers and rewarded for selling your firm to the prospective client on the phone. Each Intake Professional is invested in each call they take for our clients. It’s not about how long or short we can make the call, it’s about doing the very best job every time we pick up the phone.


Legal Conversion Center, a division of Sentinel Marketing Solutions,  has more than 10 years of legal intake and contract acquisition experience. In fact, our team was one of the first ever to offer contract acquisition services to law firms in 2012. There is no other call center with more contract acquisition experience than LCC.
The Principals at Legal Conversion Center have worked with hundreds of law firms around the country, including firms such as Levin Law, Burg Simpson, Pond Lehocky, O.E.B. Law and many others. We have some of the best minds in the call center industry working at LCC. We have over 100 years of combined call center experience, and no other call center can claim that level of experience. We know how to run a call center that delivers high-quality results for you. From call center operations, technology, human resources, and legal call center consulting, you will be working with top-notch professionals in the industry to ensure your calls are handled and converted correctly.

Visit our Who We Are page to learn more about the Principals at LCC.


All of our legal Intake Professionals go through several weeks of legal call center training and monitoring including:

  1. Empathy Training & Certification
  2. Federal HIPAA Training & Certification
  3. Call Control Training & Certification
  4. Legal Terminology Training & Certification
  5. Injury Law Intake Training & Certification
  6. Mass Tort Intake training & Certification


At Legal Conversion Center we believe in keeping it simple. Our pricing reflects that philosophy.

We Charge For:

  1. Talk time ONLY.
  2. Contract services are charged a nominal per-contract fee plus your minute usage, and we are always mindful of your cost-per-case needs.


  1. Minute-Based Packages where you lose minutes or are charged an overage rate when you use more minutes than allotted.
  2. Patch through minutes.
  3. Agent work time.
  4. Adding intakes or programming time to adjust your account.
  5. DID numbers.
  6. Custom reporting or access to your online client portal.
  7. Additional programming costs for outbound accounts and live chat integration.


At Legal Conversion Center, our Quality Assurance team listens to and grades thousands of calls each month. Our supervisors use our proprietary 32-point call grading system that measures everything from vocal tone, empathy, grammar, and spelling, to talk time audits and intake accuracy. We also encourage our clients to audit our Intake Professionals. When they do so, we offer the law firm intake credit for providing LCC with the feedback we need to make our service even better.