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How Do Legal Call Centers Help Law Firms with Contract Acquisition?

Contract acquisition services offered by legal call centers that offer intake services to law firms involve handling potential clients’ initial inquiries and guiding them through the process of becoming clients. For individuals seeking legal representation or advice, the call center serves as a crucial first point of contact. Highly trained legal professionals staff the call center, equipped with a deep understanding of various legal practice areas. Each inquiry is thoroughly qualified by the call center when potential clients call in. This process helps identify serious prospects and ensures their needs are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Legal call centers rely on training and development to maintain a high standard of service. Through their professional and empathetic approach, they help law firms acquire and retain clients.

A custom scripting process tailored to each law firm’s practice areas allows call center staff to efficiently respond to frequently asked questions and guide potential clients through various scenarios. In order to streamline the intake process, they schedule appointments for consultations or direct callers to the appropriate attorney or department. Furthermore, clients receive timely responses to their urgent legal concerns thanks to the call center’s 24/7 operation. A legal call center enhances a law firm’s ability to acquire contracts, expand its clientele, and establish long-term client relationships by effectively managing initial client interactions and qualifying leads.

What Compliance Laws Must Legal Call Centers Follow?

To maintain ethical practices and protect client interests, legal call centers must comply with specific compliance laws. The following are some of the key compliance laws:

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA): Under the TCPA, autodialing systems, prerecorded voice messages, and unsolicited text messages and faxes must obtain prior consent from consumers.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): To protect patients’ personal health information, legal call centers must comply with HIPAA’s strict privacy and security requirements.

Do Not Call (DNC) Registry : The “Do Not Call” (DNC) registry is a critical compliance measure to ensure ethical practices by respecting consumers’ preferences and refraining from contacting individuals who have opted out of telemarketing calls.

State and Local Regulations: Legal call centers must also comply with state and local regulations, which may impose additional requirements and restrictions.

As a result of adhering to these compliance laws, legal call centers can maintain the high standards of their industry, ultimately fostering trust and confidence among customers and clients.

Regular Reporting of Legal Call Center Activity

A legal call center’s reporting process is crucial to providing detailed insights and metrics to management regarding call volumes, average handling times, and customer satisfaction. A call center’s operations are analyzed, enabling effective optimization and decision-making.

Through regular reporting, legal call centers maintain transparency and accountability with law firms. This is done by providing them with detailed reports on call center performance and adherence to service level agreements. This fosters open communication, allowing for a collaborative approach to service delivery and building strong working relationships. Sharing performance data demonstrates the call center’s commitment to exceptional service and meeting the unique needs of law firms. This reinforces trust and mutual cooperation.

Thorough Call Center Agent Training

Legal call centers extensively train their staff to handle legal inquiries. Training in various areas of law enables employees to understand legal terminology and procedures. Their interpersonal skills are further enhanced by communication and customer service training.

Legal call centers extensively train their staff to handle legal inquiries. Training in various areas of law enables employees to understand legal terminology and procedures. Their interpersonal skills are further enhanced by communication and customer service training.

Types of Contract Acquisition Services

To support law firms’ client intake and business development efforts, legal call centers provide a range of acquisition services to support their business development and client acquisition needs. The following are some of the types of acquisition services that are commonly offered:

Mass Tort Contract Service

Trust your mass tort campaigns with us. Our Intake Specialists are trained to treat injured callers with respect, dignity and then to screen, qualify and ultimately retain qualified candidates. We have experience with all mass disaster, mass toxic and product liability torts.

Single Event Contract Service

Since 2012 Legal Conversion Center has provided contract acquisition services for single event cases. We will work with your firm to create customized scripts that include deductive logic. This logic assures that we only sign up cases that meet your firm’s new case criteria.

Email Follow-up

We can send follow-up emails from your firm’s domain immediately after we disconnect with a caller. These emails can be introductions to your firm, copies of the retainer, information regarding their claims or anything for that matter. The emails come from your law firms domain, so the caller never knows it comes from LCC.

Drip Email Service

Sometimes one follow-up email is not enough. At Legal Conversion Center, we the ability to take your firm’s marketing emails and schedule them to go out on your behalf. We can set these emails to start and stop based on any status you set. Again, the emails come from your law firms domain, so the caller never knows it comes from LCC.

Customized Intakes

Some calls centers do not allow law firms to customize intakes. At Legal Conversion Center we know every law firm is different. We want you to customize your intakes to what works for your firm. That said, LCC has completed millions of new client intakes. If you would like to consult with us on creating or modifying your current intake(s) we can do that free of charge. We have plenty of sample intakes for you to review. Our goal is for the Intake Representatives to be successful at correctly screening your new case calls and for your firm to sign the cases you really want.

Web Response

Web inquiries can come into your firm at any time of the day or night. With our customized response system, you can tell us how you want those handled. Legal Conversion Center will make an outbound call to those web inquiries within minutes of receiving it. We will then follow your protocol for intake and contract acquisition. If we are unable to reach the prospective client on the first attempt we can work with your firm to develop a multiple call back, text or email plan. Making multiple attempts to reach the prospect insures you don’t miss a new case opportunity.

Appointment Scheduling

In most cases, if your firm uses an online appointment system, Legal Conversion Center can log into that system and set consultation appointments for your staff. Please contact us for more information on this service.

Dead Lead Follow up

If you have potential clients that need to be followed up on Legal Conversion Center can help. Does your firm have retainers out that haven’t been returned? If so, let our Intake Professionals get them on the phone and sign them up with our digital contract service. You’ll be surprised at how many retainers you’ll get back from clients you thought were lost. Call us for more details.

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Legal Conversion Center provides law firms with contract acquisition services. Our highly trained staff handles legal inquiries, establishes connections with potential clients, and assists law firms in acquiring and retaining clients. Partner with us for a seamless and efficient legal intake process, guided by our commitment to excellence, designed to increase your client base.