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Dead Lead Follow Up

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Does your law firm need dead lead follow up services? There are a lot of dead leads that aren’t actually dead. The key to success is consistent communication and follow-up. Legal Conversion Center’s intake professionals are trained to follow up effectively with lost clients. When law firms partner with us, they are often surprised at how many retainers they receive in return.

Dead Lead Follow Up Services for Law Firms

There are many reasons why your firm may have dead leads. Sometimes potential clients choose to go elsewhere. Other times, clients simply lose interest in pursuing a case. And yet other times, clients don’t get the response they are expecting. 

At Legal Conversion Center, we know that you invest time and money into making sure your potential clients are reached and that every lead is properly qualified. Our intake professionals maximize your ROI and the number of clients you obtain through our consistent contact throughout the intake process.

One of the best ways to avoid dead leads is to communicate with potential clients consistently until they have signed a retainer. But as your law firm grows, your staff have more responsibilities, which can take time away from communicating with clients and following up. That’s why Legal Conversion Center is here. Our goal is to support law firms as they grow and provide services that allow lawyers to do what they do best – help their clients resolve important legal matters. 

Why Choose Legal Conversion Center

Legal Conversion Center has a unique approach to legal intake and lead generation. With more than 100 years of combined call center experience, our principals know what it takes to hook potential leads and convert them into quality clients. Our approach reflects that knowledge and experience.

When you choose us for your dead lead follow up needs, you are getting the benefit of:

  • A proprietary intake process that secures leads on first contact.
  • Skilled intake professionals who can qualify your potential leads quickly.
  • Innovative technology that allows us to quickly and efficiently obtain signed retainers.
  • A team of English and Spanish intake professionals who are trained in call control, empathy, and HIPAA protocols.
  • Professionals who are specifically trained in following up with lost clients.
  • Customized legal intake services that work for your needs and goals.
  • Customized case management integration that works alongside all of our services.
  • Access to professional support from our team of legal intake experts.

With Legal Conversion Center, you have access to these benefits and more. Our services ensure that your leads are not lost, and that all potential clients are followed up with routinely. This maximizes your ROI and conversion rates.

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For a lawyer, calling old leads or sending emails to old clients may seem like a fruitless task. After all, you have important legal matters to manage on behalf of your growing client base. Why not take the pressure off and allow Legal Conversion Center to handle your dead lead follow up?

Contact us today to get a customized quote for your dead lead or legal intake needs. All our legal intake services are offered 24/7, so you never have to worry about missing potential cases.