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How a Legal Intake Call Center Works For Law Firms

legal intake call specialist showing how a legal intake call center works for law firms

At Legal Conversion Center, we are frequently asked how a legal intake call center works for personal injury law firms. Law firms often have someone in-house who can answer phones, but this isn’t always enough to meet the volume of calls and emails. An intake call center will pick up, respond to, and follow up with your law firm’s potential new clients 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. This ensures that you never miss a potential client or conversion.

Our team of intake specialists provide your potential clients with a positive experience that is focused on your firm’s branding and goals. We focus on converting your leads so you can focus on the needs of your clients. 

Using Legal Conversion Center to Expand Your Firm

Every year, your law firm allocates a certain budget for marketing. You are paying to generate leads – i.e., potential clients who will call, click, email, or submit a form. If your firm is only staffed during standard business hours, you could miss out on dozens of potential leads. This is money essentially wasted.

At Legal Conversion Center, our mission is helping law firms obtain and convert more leads. Whether you are a small firm just getting started, a large firm that is understaffed, or a firm looking to expand your services, we can help.

There are many benefits to using a legal call center like LCC, such as:

  • Customized and branded intake processes
  • Live chat and text services
  • Web response (form email submissions)
  • Case management integration
  • A commitment to timely and efficient customer service
  • Never miss out on after-hours leads
  • After-hours assistance with appointment scheduling

No matter your firm’s size or budget, LCC offers flexible and fully customizable services that will help your firm grow.

Customized, Branded Intakes

The intake process is the first interaction a potential client has with your firm. This first interaction should make a positive, lasting impression. It should also speak to your law firm’s brand, ethics, and mission.

At LCC, our customized and branded intake services include the following:

  • Script Development: We collaborate with you to develop a script that our agents will use when speaking to potential clients.
  • Call Screening: Our call screening service ensures that inappropriate, spam, or robo-calls never clog up your law firm’s phone lines. We only patch through calls that are important.
  • Call Patching: If the potential client needs to speak directly with you or someone in your firm, we can route that call appropriately and seamlessly.
  • Qualifying Leads: Our agents are trained in call control, legal terminology, empathy, and injury law. We use these skills in conjunction with your qualifying criteria to determine if a client is right for your firm.
  • Making the “Sale”: Of course, the overarching goal of LCC is to convert potential leads into paying clients. Our intake specialists are skilled at effectively qualifying leads and obtaining signed retainers right away.
  • Availability: LCC provides legal intake services 24/7. That means you will never miss a potential lead, important message, or follow-up opportunity on a particular client.
  • Call Volume: If you have a high call volume, or are expecting volume to increase, LCC can help. We have plenty of trained intake professionals ready to help your law firm secure more clients.

What sets us apart from other intake services? Our commitment to quality customer service and flexible services our partners can count on.   

Web Responses, Live Chat and Text Services

With our web response service, you can rest assured that your online inquiries are being handled with the same degree of professionalism and efficiency as your phone calls.

At LCC, we have trained intake specialists who provide the following web response services:

  • Following your firm’s protocols for intake and contract acquisition
  • Making outbound calls just minutes after an online inquiry is made
  • Responding via email or text within minutes of an online inquiry
  • Following up with potential clients using a customized formula
  • Routinely following up with leads to avoid the lead “dying”

Case Management Integration

At LCC, not only do we provide top-of-the-line intake services, but we also provide administrative support. If your law firm uses a case/client management system, we can integrate our services directly into your already-established process. This ensures that you have all relevant information at your fingertips throughout the intake and contract processes, and beyond. 

Appointment Scheduling

LCC’s integrated appointment scheduling service works seamlessly with our other services. Our services are designed to increase your firm’s productivity and efficiency, reduce no-show appointments, and improve your client’s overall experience.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Intake Call Center

There are many benefits to working with a professional intake call center. At LCC, our partners know and trust us for the following benefits:

Save You Time and Money

Busy law firms receive dozens of calls and emails per day from potential new clients. All of these calls and emails require the attention of your staff, which pulls them away from day-to-day functions and tasks, and the work they do with clients. Working with a professional intake call center can save you time and money by efficiently allocating and handling tasks.

Increase Qualified Leads

At LCC, we have decades of call center and customer service experience that has helped us develop our proprietary intake process. Using this process and state-of-the-art technology, we help your law firm get more conversions than ever before.

Peace of Mind

At LCC, our professional legal intake services are customized to your law firm’s branding and needs. Partnering with us, your potential clients will never know that they are speaking to someone outside of your firm. Our team is specially trained to represent your firm with the utmost respect and professionalism. This gives you peace of mind that your potential new clients are well taken care of during the intake process.

24/7 Trained Responses

Every day, millions of people turn to the internet for information about businesses, including law firms. Often, research is done after hours on a mobile device. This is when most individuals looking for legal help will initially reach out to a lawyer or law firm. Many law firms struggle to screen and respond to web inquiries effectively. That’s why LCC has developed our web response service. We provide quick, efficient responses to your potential clients 24/7.

What to Look for in a Legal Intake Call Center

Legal call centers are not the same as a general call center – or at least, they shouldn’t be. If your law firm is considering partnering with a legal call center, there are a few things to look for:

Legal Knowledge

A legal call center should be staffed with intake specialists who have a working knowledge of legal matters. That includes a general knowledge of different practice areas, legal terminology, contracts, retainer agreements, and more.

Professionalism and Consistency

A legal call center should pride itself on professionalism and consistency. Every call that comes through your firm should be met with the same professionalism, branding, and empathy. This is part of what makes LCC different from the competition. We provide monitoring and ongoing training to ensure that professionalism and consistency are always at the forefront of what we do.

Intake Specialist Training

Legal intake specialists should be trained in how to communicate effectively with potential legal clients. At LCC, as part of our dedication to professionalism, we provide all our intake specialists with training on legal terminology, injury law, mass torts, HIPAA guidelines, empathy, call control, and more.


A legal call center should offer flexible pricing options that fit your needs. At LCC, our pricing philosophy is based on keeping it simple and cost-effective for our partners. We only charge for talk time and contract services – never down time. We also never charge overage costs, custom reporting, or patch-through minutes. 

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