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Intake Services for Law Firms

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Legal Conversion Center partners with your law firm to increase your bottom line – it’s as simple as that. We are a full service intake provider for law firms.

Our philosophy, technology, training, service selection and attention to detail enables LCC’s Intake Formula to produce conversion rates that most law firms can only dream of. We believe that new client intake is more than answering a phone and being kind and empathetic. Our team is compassionate and empathetic. We accurately screen, qualifying and selling the law firm to the prospective client at the same time.

Legal Conversion Center sets a new industry standard for conversion rates.

Our management team has more than 100 years of combined sales and call center experience. We know what it takes to turn more of your callers into cases.

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Legal Intake Services

Let LCC’s highly trained Intake Professionals screen new case calls for your firm. When the call is answered our staff will announce your law firm’s name and follow any customized script you create. We customize your intake process for any case or sub-case type your firm handles. We will follow your firm’s protocol for qualified and unqualified callers. If qualified, we can schedule appointments, patch through targeted callers or send retainers on your firm’s behalf. We document and record every conversation for transparency and accuracy. We can then text or email the completed intake to the appropriate individuals at your firm to complete the process seamlessly. We can also import the intake/retainer data directly into your case management systems. Our Intake Professionals are trained in empathy, legal terminology, call control, and sales strategy to ensure they provide the best possible experience for your clients.

Contract Acquisition Service

Once an intake is completed and the caller is qualified, LCC can send retainer agreements on your firm’s behalf. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to send digital retainers for immediate signature to lock your client in and get the process started. This technology gives your firm a competitive edge over others. Getting an immediate-sign agreement will reduce the likelihood of the prospective client window shopping with other law firms. Immediate digital retains have higher conversion rates than conventional methods of delivering retainer agreements. We also offer traditional mail service with a follow-up program to increase conversion rates. Regardless of delivery method, digital or paper, if the potential client doesn’t sign up on the first contact, we can create a customized call back program to increase conversion rates. Contact us for more details on our best practices.

Spanish Support

If your firm is doing any marketing or advertising to the Spanish speaking population, it’s crucial that you have intake staff that can support it. At LCC, our staff is bi-lingual. We can set up custom DID’s (direct inward dialing numbers) that lets our system know that each call is to be answered by a Spanish speaking Intake Professional. If an English-speaking staff member happens to get the call, it’s no problem. All of our friendly staff is trained to ask the caller to hold for a moment, in Spanish, for the next available Professional. Your Spanish speaking new client calls will be taken care of with LCC.

Case Management Integration

We have worked with and integrated with nearly every case management system available. Once an intake is completed or a contract is sent, we can push the data right into your case management system so that all parties involved are on the same page from the outset. This is done by posting to your cloud-based CMS in real-time or by sending a CSV file that can be uploaded to your system. In some instances, we may be able to remotely log in to your internal based system as well. Please contact us for more details on this option.

Customized Intakes

Some calls centers do not allow law firms to customize intakes. At LCC we know every law firm is different and we allow you to customize your intakes in a way that works for your firm. However, LCC has completed millions of new client intakes. If you would like to consult with us on creating or modifying your current intake(s), we offer this service free of charge. We have plenty of sample intakes for you to review. Our goal is to empower our Intake Representatives to be successful at correctly screening your new case calls and for your firm to sign the cases you really want.

Web Response

Web inquiries can come into your firm at any time of the day or night. With our customized response system, you let us know how you would like them to be handled. LCC will make an outbound call to those web inquiries within minutes of receiving it. We will then follow your protocol for intake and contract acquisition. If we are unable to reach the prospective client on the first attempt, we can work with your firm to develop a callback plan. We can make multiple attempts to reach the prospect and ensure that you don’t miss a new case opportunity.

Appointment Scheduling

If your firm uses an online appointment system, LCC can log into that system and set consultation appointments for your staff. Please contact us for more information on this service.

Mass Tort Intake Services

At Legal Conversion Center, our mass tort intake services provide your law firm with customized 24/7 legal intake services.  Our intake team is highly trained to handle the most complex intake scenarios. We can help your law firm get more conversions and increase your bottom line.