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Law Firm Answering Services

Posted on Thursday, May 25th, 2023 at 11:49 am    

Legal call center agents specializing in law firm answering services.

For most law firms, answering and intake services are completed by in-house staff – often who juggle many responsibilities. Hiring a full-time staff member to answer phones or make follow up calls can be expensive. The flip side of this dilemma is that missing calls could mean missing leads and clients, which equals missing revenue.

How can law firms solve this dilemma? By outsourcing their answering and intake needs to a legal call center. A law firm answering service like Legal Conversion Center reduces workload and cost, improves efficiency, and generates more conversions. Take a look below at how a law firm-specific answering service could be just what your firm needs to grow to new heights.

Boost Your Law Firm’s Growth With a Law Firm Answering Service

Lawyers and in-house law firm staff juggle many responsibilities. Lawyers, in particular, are often too busy with clients, courts, opposing counsel, traveling, and legal functions to handle tasks like answering calls and intake. By outsourcing to a law firm answering service, law firms and lawyers can rest assured that their potential clients are being properly attended to while they focus on their important tasks.

Here are just a few ways that a law firm answering service can help boost growth.

Enhanced Law Firm intake Productivity

An answering service can improve client experience by ensuring that their calls are answered promptly and professionally. This can lead to higher client satisfaction, better reviews, and referrals, all of which can help the law firm grow.

Increased Customer Service Availability

An answering service can provide round-the-clock availability, allowing clients to contact the law firm even after business hours. This can increase the number of potential clients who reach out to the law firm and improve the chances of converting those leads into paying clients.

Lead Generation and Call Screening With Efficiency

Time Management: By delegating call answering to an answering service, lawyers and staff can focus on their core work and become more productive. This can lead to better time management and increased efficiency, which can help the law firm grow.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Outsourcing call answering to an answering service can be more cost-effective than hiring additional staff to handle phone calls. This can free up resources for other growth initiatives, such as marketing or business development.

Tailored Legal Intake Service For Your Law Firm

A law firm answering service can provide tailored services for your law firm that support your mission, brand, potential client base, services, and applicable regulations. Law firm intake services like Legal Conversion Center offer a full range of services that can all be customized to your law firm’s needs in the following ways:

Clients Can Be Served In Both Spanish And English

More than 13% of Americans, or 42 million, are Spanish speaking. That represents a tremendous potential for law firms who can serve the Spanish speaking community. By providing customer service in both English and another language, a bilingual answering service can cater to a wider range of customers, including those who may not speak English as their first language. This can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased retention and sales.

By offering services in another language, a bilingual answering service can expand a law firm’s market reach to non-English speaking populations. This can lead to new customers and revenue streams. By outsourcing to a bilingual answering service like Legal Conversion Center, your law firm can save money on hiring and training bilingual staff. This can free up resources for other growth initiatives.

Educated About Your Services

A customized legal answering or intake service makes sure that potential clients are educated about the services that your law firm offers. This is important to make sure that you are getting applicable leads, and, if necessary, can forward inapplicable leads to another law firm. This helps clients without having to say “no” or simply reject them.

Obtain The Correct Information On The First Call

It is essential for law firms to obtain correct information from potential clients because it can have significant consequences on the outcome of the case and the relationship between the law firm and the client. Here are a few reasons why it is crucial:

  1. To Assess the Case: Correct information is crucial for a law firm to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the potential case accurately. The information obtained from the client will determine whether the law firm should take on the case, and if so, what approach to take.
  2. To Develop a Strategy: Once the law firm has accurate information about the potential case, they can create a plan and a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for the client. Incorrect or incomplete information can lead to a flawed strategy, which can harm the client’s case.
  3. To Manage Expectations: Correct information helps the law firm manage the client’s expectations. If the client is not forthcoming with accurate information, it can lead to misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, and dissatisfaction with the outcome.
  4. To Maintain Credibility: Law firms need to maintain credibility and reputation by providing accurate advice to their clients. If a law firm makes decisions based on incorrect information, it can harm their reputation, and the client’s trust may be lost.
  5. To Comply with Legal Requirements: In some cases, the law firm may have a legal obligation to obtain specific information from the client. If the law firm fails to obtain accurate information, they may be held liable for any legal consequences that may arise.

We Train All Of Our Call Center Agents On Compliance

Law firms manage cases that often involve personal and medical information. One of the benefits of partnering with a law firm answering service like Legal Conversion Center is knowing that agents will maintain compliance with applicable laws while representing your firm. Some of the most important regulations for a law firm answering service to maintain are:

TCPA Regulations

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a federal law in the United States that regulates telemarketing calls, auto-dialed calls, text messages, and unsolicited faxes. The TCPA requires companies, including call centers, to obtain express consent from individuals before making automated or prerecorded calls or sending text messages to their mobile phones. It also requires companies to provide a clear opt-out mechanism for consumers who no longer wish to receive these communications.

Additionally, the TCPA prohibits calling numbers that are on the National Do Not Call Registry and prohibits calls to emergency lines, hospitals, and other similar facilities. Companies that violate TCPA regulations can face significant penalties, including fines and potential lawsuits from consumers.

HIPAA Guidelines

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines are a set of federal regulations in the U.S. that govern the use, storage, and disclosure of protected health information (PHI) by healthcare providers, health plans, and other covered entities. The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes standards for protecting the privacy and security of PHI, including electronic PHI (ePHI). The HIPAA Security Rule requires covered entities to implement administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI.

Additionally, the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule requires covered entities to notify affected individuals, the Department of Health and Human Services, and, in some cases, the media, if a breach of unsecured PHI occurs. HIPAA regulations apply to covered entities as well as business associates, who must also comply with the rules when handling PHI on behalf of covered entities. A call center is one example of a business associate that must follow HIPAA guidelines.

Failure to comply with HIPAA guidelines can result in significant fines and legal penalties for covered entities and business associates.

DNC Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry (DNC) is a database maintained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the U.S. The DNC registry allows consumers to opt-out of receiving telemarketing calls. Telemarketers are required to access the database and remove registered phone numbers from their call lists. The DNC registry applies to residential landlines and cell phones, and consumers can register their phone numbers for free. The registry does not apply to political organizations, charities, and companies with which the consumer has an existing business relationship.

Call centers must be aware of the DNC registry so they do not accidentally violate consumer rights. Furthermore, law firm answering services often implement internal registries that include information about consumers who do not wish to be contacted. Violations of the DNC registry can result in significant fines and legal penalties for telemarketers who call registered phone numbers without permission.

Partner with Us

As you can see, there are many benefits to working with a law firm answering service. There are many companies out there offering similar services, but choosing one specific to law firms can greatly improve your experience. Partnering with the right answering service can help lawyers reduce cost and stress, improve efficiency, and build their reputation. 

At Legal Conversion Center, our tailored legal intake solutions offer top-of-the-line customer service that supports growth and conversions for our partnering law firms. Find out how we can help your firm grow and get more conversions than ever before by contacting us for a free quote.

What is a Mass Tort Answering Service

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In mass tort litigation, a mass tort answering service supports law firms and attorneys. Mass tort answering services are designed to handle the high volume of calls and inquiries that occur when mass tort cases are being handled.

If you are exploring legal intake services for law firms, read on to learn more about how a mass tort answering service could be a tool for growth and success.   

What Does a Mass Tort Answering Service Do?

The primary goal of a mass tort answering service is to provide a centralized point of contact for you, your clients, and other parties involved in the case. A mass tort answering service is a specialized type of call center that is designed to handle the high volume of calls and inquiries that arise during a mass tort case.

A mass tort answering service can help manage these calls and ensure that each caller is handled professionally and efficiently.

The specific services provided by a mass tort answering service can vary depending on the needs of the case. However, some common services may include:

  • Call Screening and Intake: Call center agents can screen incoming calls and determine if the caller is a potential claimant. They can also gather basic information from the caller and provide them with information about the case and the legal process.
  • Case Management: Once a caller is identified as a potential claimant, the call center can manage their case information and keep track of important deadlines and updates.
  • Notification and Communication: Call center agents can notify potential claimants about important updates and deadlines in the case. They can also communicate with attorneys and other stakeholders involved in the case.
  • Document Management: Call centers can assist with the collection and management of documents related to the case, including medical records, employment records, and other relevant information.
  • Language Support: Mass tort cases can involve individuals from diverse backgrounds who speak different languages. Call centers can provide language support to ensure that non-English speakers can communicate effectively with the legal team.
  • 24/7 Availability: Mass tort cases can be time-sensitive, and potential claimants may need to call outside of regular business hours. A mass tort answering service can provide 24/7 availability to ensure that calls are always answered.
  • Customizable Scripts: Call center agents can use customizable scripts to ensure that they are providing accurate and consistent information to all callers. This can help streamline the intake process and reduce the risk of errors or miscommunication.
  • Analytics: In addition to these services, a mass tort answering service can also provide valuable data and analytics to the legal team. Call center software can track call volume, call duration, and other metrics that can help attorneys understand the scope of the case and identify areas where additional support may be needed.

When dealing with the high volume of calls and inquiries that arise during a mass tort case, an answering service can be an invaluable tool. These services streamline the legal process by providing a centralized point of contact for plaintiffs, attorneys, and other stakeholders.

Benefits of Using a Mass Tort Answering Service

There are many benefits to partnering with an answering service for mass torts. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

  1. Professional and Efficient Call Management: With a mass tort answering service, you can delegate call management to a professional third-party service provider. This way, you and your staff can focus on essential tasks, such as case preparation and legal research, while the answering service manages call screening, intake, and management. The answering service provides efficient and professional call management, reducing the likelihood of missed calls and providing prompt responses to inquiries from claimants and other stakeholders.
  2. Improved Scalability: As the number of potential claimants in a mass tort case grows, so does the volume of inquiries and phone calls. A mass tort answering service can provide scalability, enabling you to handle large volumes of incoming calls and inquiries without requiring additional staff.
  3. Improved Client Experience: A mass tort answering service can provide claimants with a positive experience when contacting the law firm, even during times of high stress and anxiety. The answering service can provide prompt responses, ensure that callers are connected with the right people, and provide reassurance and support throughout the claims process. A positive client experience can improve client satisfaction, leading to better word-of-mouth recommendations and improved brand reputation for your law firm.
  4. Improved Cost Control: Managing a mass tort case can be expensive, particularly when the case involves a large number of claimants. Using a mass tort answering service can help your law firm manage costs more effectively. The answering service can provide an efficient and cost-effective way to manage incoming calls and inquiries, reducing the need for additional staff and resources.

As you can see, there are many benefits to partnering with a mass tort answering service. From improving scalability to enhancing client experience and improving data management, these services can provide valuable support and enable your firm to manage cases more effectively and efficiently.

See if Legal Conversion Center is Right for You

If you are considering partnering with a mass tort answering service, Legal Conversion Center could be just the partner you need. At LCC, we are setting industry standards with our proprietary process and commitment to quality. What’s more, our partners consistently report more conversions than ever before after hiring us.

If you are interested in how LCC can work for you, contact us today for a free quote. 

Benefits of a Legal Answering Service

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Overall the benefits of a legal answering service are that productivity and growth will increase. The running of a successful law firm is no easy task. Managing countless clients and cases can be challenging. Nevertheless, one of the most critical aspects of running a law firm is responding to potential new clients promptly and accurately. This is where a legal answering service can be invaluable.

A lawyer answering service can provide a number of benefits.

6 Benefits of a Legal Answering Service

If you are considering hiring a legal answering service to help your law firm grow, convert more leads, or sign more clients, consider these benefits:


One of the most significant benefits of a legal answering service is that it presents a professional image to your clients. When clients call your law firm, they expect to speak with someone who is knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. With a legal answering service, you can be confident that your clients will be greeted by a friendly, professional receptionist who will handle their calls with care and attention to detail.

Increased Availability

As a lawyer, you likely have a busy schedule, which means you may not always be available to take calls from clients. However, when clients need to speak with you, it is essential that they can reach you. With a legal answering service, your clients can reach a live person 24/7, ensuring that their needs are met even outside of normal business hours. This can be especially helpful for clients who may be dealing with urgent legal matters.

Improved Client Satisfaction

When clients call your law firm, they want to feel heard and valued. A legal answering service can help improve client satisfaction by ensuring that their calls are answered promptly and professionally. Additionally, an answering service can help with basic inquiries, freeing up your time to focus on more complex legal issues. When clients receive prompt and professional service, they are more likely to feel satisfied with the level of service they receive from your law firm.

Increased Efficiency

As a lawyer, your time is valuable. Spending time answering basic inquiries can be a drain on your productivity. With a legal answering service, you can delegate these tasks to a trained receptionist, freeing up your time to focus on more important matters. Additionally, an answering service can help filter out spam calls, reducing the number of unwanted interruptions you receive throughout the day.

Cost Savings

Hiring a full-time receptionist to handle phone calls can be costly. However, with a legal answering service, you can enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated receptionist without the expense. A legal answering service is typically much more affordable than hiring a full-time receptionist, making it an excellent option for law firms of all sizes.

Reduced Stress

As a lawyer, you likely deal with a significant amount of stress on a daily basis. Managing phone calls can add to this stress, especially when you are dealing with a high volume of calls or urgent matters. With a legal answering service, you can reduce your stress levels by delegating phone calls to a trained professional. This can help you feel more relaxed and focused, allowing you to perform at your best.

Choosing the Right Legal Answering Service

 If you are looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your law firm, a legal answering service is an excellent option to consider. The next step is to choose the right service for your needs.

Here are some factors to consider that can help you choose the right legal answering service:

  • Experience in the Legal Industry: The legal industry has unique requirements that may not be understood by a general answering service. It is essential to choose a service provider that has experience working with law firms and understands the legal terminology and procedures.
  • Availability and Response Time: The whole point of a legal answering service is to provide timely responses to clients. When choosing a service provider, make sure they offer 24/7 availability and have fast response times. It is important to ask about their call handling procedures and how quickly they can escalate urgent matters to you.
  • Customization Options: Every law firm is different, and your legal answering service should reflect that. Look for a service provider that offers customization options that suit your specific needs. This may include call scripting, call routing, appointment scheduling, and other features that are relevant to your law firm.
  • Security and Confidentiality: As a law firm, you deal with sensitive information that needs to be kept confidential. When choosing a legal answering service, make sure they have strict security measures in place to protect your client information. This includes secure messaging and storage protocols, data encryption, and other safeguards.
  • Cost: Pricing and cost are essential factors when choosing a legal answering service. Make sure you choose a service provider that offers transparent pricing and no hidden fees. You should also consider the value that the service provides and how it fits into your budget.
  • Reputation: Before choosing a legal answering service, do your research and check their reputation and reviews. Look for customer feedback and testimonials from other law firms. This can help you gauge the quality of the service provider and make an informed decision.
  • Quality of Service: Finally, make sure you choose a service provider that offers high-quality service. The receptionists should be professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They should have excellent communication skills and be able to handle a range of client inquiries. Look for a service provider that has a track record of providing exceptional service to other law firms.

Choosing the right legal answering service can make a significant difference in the success of your law firm. Consider these factors when making your decision and choose a service provider that understands the legal industry, offers customization options, prioritizes security and confidentiality, has transparent pricing, and provides high-quality service.

Get a Free Quote

If you are exploring your options for an answering service, Legal Conversion Center may be just what you are looking for. Our answering service with legal intake provides everything your firm needs to grow, be more productive and efficient, and make the best use of your investment.

After-hours Legal Intake Services

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Specialists providing after-hours legal intake services at Legal Conversion Center. Call center for law firms.

Modern law firms need after-hours legal intake services. Has your law firm ever received calls or emails during non-business hours, on weekends, or on holidays? Your in-house intake team may be able to follow up on most of these leads during business hours, but chances are, without an immediate response, the potential client has moved on.

Clients contact law firms during high-stress and emotional times, and they are looking for support and assistance as soon as possible. An afterhours legal intake service can help your firm capture every potential lead and get more conversions than ever before. What’s even better is that you and your in-house staff don’t have to worry about manning the phones or emails after hours.

How do After-hours Legal Intake Services Benefit Law Firms?

At Legal Conversion Center, our afterhours legal intake agents take care of your potential clients and leads that come in during your off hours. By partnering with us, you can better focus your attention where it is needed, when it is needed most. An afterhours call center can be highly beneficial for law firms for several reasons:


Legal issues can arise at any time of the day or night. Clients may need urgent assistance outside of regular office hours, and having an after-hours call center ensures that someone is available to take their call and provide assistance. Law firms that offer 24/7 availability to speak with a live person report more conversions and client satisfaction.

Increased Responsiveness

With an afterhours call center, law firms can respond quickly to urgent client needs, such as emergencies, arrests, or accidents. This can help build trust with clients and improve their overall experience with the law firm. Many afterhours legal call centers provide services that accept and redirect collect calls to attorneys who are on-call. This is an especially important benefit for attorneys who handle criminal cases.

Improved Customer Service

Clients appreciate it when they can get in touch with their lawyers easily, especially during difficult times. An afterhours call center can provide this convenience and help law firms stand out from their competitors.

Reduced Workload for Attorneys

An afterhours call center can help reduce the workload for attorneys, as they won’t need to be available around the clock to take calls. This can allow them to focus on other important tasks and improve their work-life balance.

Cost Savings

Law firms spend a great deal of time and money on advertising. When potential leads go to waste because there is no one available to answer a call or email, those advertising dollars are also wasted. Working with an afterhours legal intake service can save your law firm money, and improve the return on your investment (ROI).

Do I Need to Hire a Full-Service Call Center?

Call center services can play a crucial role for a business by providing a dedicated team of professionals to manage customer inquiries and support. You may be able to find a strictly afterhours intake service to meet your needs during non-business hours, but there are many benefits to working with a full-service call center.

Here are some key ways that a full-service call center services can benefit your law firm:

  1. Improved Customer Experience: Call center services provide customers with a dedicated point of contact for support and inquiries. This can improve customer satisfaction by providing prompt, helpful, and personalized service.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Call center services can handle a large volume of calls efficiently, freeing up internal resources to focus on other areas of the business.
  3. Cost-Effective: Outsourcing call center services can be cost-effective compared to hiring and training an internal team, especially for smaller businesses.
  4. Better Data Collection: Call center services can collect valuable data about customer interactions, which can be used to improve products and services, as well as inform marketing and sales strategies.

For law firms, outsourcing intake, no matter what time of day, can be a great way to boost productivity and efficiency while getting more leads and conversions.

Why You Need after-hours legal Intake Services

If you are considering partnering with an afterhours legal intake service, Legal Conversion Center is the best team for the job. LCC offers a wide range of legal intake services, including web response, contract acquisition services, case management integration, and much more.

The benefits of our afterhours and web response services include:

  • 24/7 availability with a live operator
  • Fully customizable scripts to represent your brand
  • Flexible options for delivering messages to your clients
  • Simple and affordable pricing
  • Spanish support
  • Agents who are fully trained in HIPAA compliance
  • Agents who are trained in legal terminology and empathy

At LCC, quality and conversions are the focus of our intake services for law firms. We use a 32-point grading system to ensure that our after-hours intake services consistently meet your goals.

Legal Call Center vs. Traditional Call Center the Difference

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Legal call center agents providing intake and contract acquisition services to law firms at Legal Conversion Center based in Texas.

The modern law firm needs a legal call center to provide intake services, customer support, and to help improve productivity. However, not all call centers are created equal. Law firm call centers differ significantly from traditional call centers.

We will explore the differences between these two types of call centers, including their purpose, staffing requirements, training, and technology.

A Legal Call Center Differs from a Traditional Call Center

For modern law firms, choosing a call center that provides legal intake services instead of a traditional call center can help convert potential clients into consultations and cases. Law firms benefit from call centers that specialize in meeting their needs. Take a closer look at why call centers specific work with attorneys are a better choice for law firms:

The Purpose of the Call Center

The primary purpose of a traditional call center is to provide customer service and support. This can include answering product-related questions, resolving billing issues, or providing technical assistance. In contrast, a call center catering to the needs of lawyers handles legal inquiries and services, such as scheduling appointments with attorneys and conducting legal research.

Staffing the Call Center

The staffing requirements for an attorney call center is more specialized than those for a traditional call center. Staff at attorney call centers must be familiar with legal terminology and procedures, and have a background in law or legal services. Whereas, traditional call centers can typically hire staff members with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Training of Call Center Staff

Legal intake and contract acquisition call center staff require more extensive and specific training. Staff members must have a deep understanding of legal procedures and terminology, as well as an understanding of ethical and professional responsibilities. Conversely, staff at traditional call centers receive training on customer service skills, product knowledge, and basic problem-solving skills.

Technology Used in Call Centers

The technology utilized in a law firm call center is typically more advanced and customized than a traditional call center. Call centers addressing legal firms’ needs require access to specialized research databases and proprietary software programs that traditional call centers may not use. Additionally, agents are trained in using specialized phone systems to transfer calls easily.

Legal Requirements

Call center that service law firms must adhere to strict legal requirements and regulations. For example, staff members must comply with attorney-client privilege rules, maintain confidentiality, and ensure that they do not engage in unauthorized practice of law. Traditional call centers are not subject to these same legal requirements and regulations.

Additionally, when representing a law firm, Call centers for attorneys must adhere to regulations:

Legal Liability

Legal answering services can also face legal liability if they do not follow the appropriate statutory procedures or provide incorrect legal advice. Traditional call centers are generally not subject to this same level of legal liability, as their primary focus is on customer service rather than legal advice

Choosing a Call Center for Your Firm

Legal intake call centers are designed to handle legal-related inquiries and services, require specialized staff members with legal backgrounds, and use advanced technology and software programs. They must adhere to strict legal requirements and regulations and can face legal liability if they do not follow the appropriate legal procedures or provide incorrect legal advice.

There are many benefits for law firms who choose to work with a call center that addresses their needs instead of a traditional call center. Benefits include:

  • Law firms can rest assured that their potential clients are being provided a quality intake experience.
  • The reputation and brand of the law firm is being accurately portrayed and supported.
  • Agents are trained in empathy, which is crucial since many potential clients are going through a traumatic experience.
  • Dedicated agents know how to screen and qualify leads accurately.
  • They can easily integrate into a law firm’s customer relationship manager (CRM) or case management system (CMS).
  • Agents know how to execute contracts or retainer agreements on first contact.

Overall, a call center for attorneys provides excellence in customer service while keeping the firm’s goals in mind.

Partner With a Trusted Legal Intake Call Center

If your law firm is looking to partner with a call center, partner with one that you can trust. At Legal Conversion Center, legal call center and intake services is what we do. For more than a decade, we have continued to surpass the competition in terms of customer service, quality leads, conversion rates, and compliance.

Our team is led by skilled industry leaders in call centers and customer service. Our staff are all trained in the specifics of legal intake, including empathy, legal terminology, HIPAA guidelines, call control, and more. With our state-of-the-art technology and proprietary process, conversions rates continue to increase for our partners.

Which Is The Best Answering Service For Lawyers?

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Knowing which legal call center offers the best answering service for lawyers is crucial. As the saying goes, time and first impressions are irretrievable. Lawyers and law firms are busy, and some calls and emails go unnoticed or occur during non-business hours. Missed calls, in particular, are wasted opportunities to qualify and obtain a new client.

Luckily, law firms do not need in-house intake agents for this. In fact, outsourcing to an legal intake answering service can be a great way to save time and money, improve productivity and efficiency, and get more qualified leads . Let’s take a look below at what law firm answering services provide.

What Does an Answering Service Do?

The primary function of law firm answering service is to answer incoming calls on behalf of lawyers and attorneys. The following solutions are also available from a legal answering services:

  • Message Taking: The answering service takes messages for clients when they are not available to answer their phone. The messages can be relayed via email, text message, or fax.
  • Call Forwarding: The answering service can forward calls to a client’s mobile phone or another designated phone number when they are unavailable.
  • Appointment Scheduling: The answering service can schedule appointments on behalf of clients and manage their calendars.
  • Customer Service: The answering service can provide basic customer service support, such as answering frequently asked questions and providing information about products or services.
  • Emergency Dispatch: The answering service can dispatch emergency services, such as police, fire, or medical services, when required.
  • Order Taking: The answering service can take orders for products or services on behalf of clients.
  • Call Screening: The answering service can screen calls and filter out unwanted or irrelevant calls.

Overall, an answering service can provide law firms with a professional and efficient way to manage calls and ensure that their potential or current clients are always attended to.

5 Best Answering Services for Lawyers

There are many answering services available to help businesses of all types. But law firms need the right answering service to manage the unique needs of the legal industry and legal clients. Below, we offer an overview of five of the most popular answering services available to law firms.

Legal Conversion Center

Legal Conversion Center is one of the first call centers to provide specialized services for lawyers and law firms. LCC is a large company offering more than 100 years of combined experience in call centers and customer service. LCC is known for their quality, highly-trained staff, and ability to maximize conversions. Their intake services for law firms include intake, contract acquisition, web response, and Spanish support. 

Lex Reception

Lex Reception is a popular option for law firms who want to work with a small business. The call center offers 24/7 availability, bilingual support, and full-time call center staff. There are drawbacks to working with a small business, however, such as less analytics and integration features. is a North American-based answering service dedicated to lawyers and law firms. What makes Smith unique is that it focuses on small and boutique law firms, in particular. Smith’s services include call screening and qualifying, setting appointments, and accepting payments.


Formerly known as Ruby Receptionists, is one of the most popular answering services for lawyers and law firms with small-to-medium sized businesses. Ruby has a great reputation for customer service and quality. What sets this call apart is their mobile app, which allows lawyers to interact with the service anytime, anywhere. 

Back Office Betties

Similar to Ruby, Back Office Betties is a well-rounded answering service that works for many law firms. What works great for Back Office Betties is their variety of services and bilingual receptionist support. One of the drawbacks to their service is that they do not have 24/7 availability.

What to Look for in a Law Firm Answering Service

Choosing the right answering service for your law firm is an important decision that can have a significant impact on the firm’s reputation and client satisfaction. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an answering service:

  1. Experience and Expertise: It’s important to choose an answering service that has experience working with law firms and understands the unique needs and requirements of the legal industry.
  2. Call Quality and Professionalism: The answering service should provide professionally trained operators who are experienced in handling legal calls and can provide a high level of customer service.
  3. Availability and Responsiveness: The answering service should be available 24/7 and able to respond quickly to urgent calls, such as those related to emergencies or court appearances.
  4. Customization: The answering service should be able to customize its services to meet the specific needs of your law firm, including call scripting and call routing.
  1. Security and Confidentiality: The answering service should have strong security measures in place to protect sensitive client information and ensure confidentiality.
  2. Technology and Integration: The answering service should use advanced technology and be able to integrate with your existing systems, such as case management software and appointment scheduling tools.
  3. Cost: The answering service should be cost-effective and provide transparent pricing, without any hidden fees or charges.

By considering these factors, you can choose an answering service that meets your specific needs and provides a high level of service to you and your clients. It’s also important to research and compare different answering services, read reviews, and ask for referrals from other law firms to make an informed decision.

What makes Legal Conversion Center Different

Legal Conversion Center’s experience is one of the legal intake call center’s biggest draws. Additionally, the call center has been recognized as one of the first attorney intake service to offer contract acquisition services. LLC has worked with hundreds of law firms around the U.S. LCC employs highly-trained intake specialists to assist potential clients.

How to Outsource a Legal Assistant

Posted on Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 at 12:06 pm    

Female and male call center outsource legal assistant.

Being an attorney is a complex, sometimes challenging, career. Attorneys have a hefty workload balancing between clients, office tasks, court dockets, and never seeming to have enough hours in the day. Add to these general tasks the finer details of the job, such as phone calls, emails, and signing a plethora of documents, and the role of an attorney becomes even more chaotic.

The good news is that attorneys can delegate some tasks to their paralegals, legal assistants, or other staff members. Of course, the first step is hiring qualified individuals who you can trust to tackle the workload with the same degree of dedication and professionalism as you would. Depending on where you are located, you may have a large or small pool of potential hires. Fortunately, nowadays, you can outsource to skilled legal assistants located almost anywhere who are trained to support your law firm remotely.

Curious about how outsourcing to a legal assistant works? Outsourcing and delegating tasks is a great way for attorneys to focus their time and efforts and maximize the return on their investment when hiring. 

What does a Legal Assistant Do?

A legal assistant is someone who works with attorneys and law firm staff handling administrative tasks that may otherwise fall to the attorney. A virtual legal assistant performs the same tasks, but remotely. A legal assistance communicates with the attorney and firm through email, chat, text, telephone, or other means throughout the day.

Some of the most common administrative tasks that legal assistants perform include:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Greeting clients (if in the office)
  • Responding to emails
  • Responding to general questions about the attorney, firm, or services
  • Coordinating schedules
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Making appointments

In addition to administrative tasks, legal assistants may also help with legal tasks, depending on their skill, training, and/or education. Some legal tasks that legal assistants may help with include:

  • Sending and processing invoices
  • Managing firm billing
  • Organizing documents and files
  • Filing documents
  • Conducting legal research
  • Drafting legal documents

Ultimately, the tasks that a legal assistant is assigned will depend on their skills and training, as well as the needs of your firm.

What’s the Difference Between a Legal Assistant and a Paralegal?

There are many similarities between legal assistants and paralegals. In fact, many firms use the titles interchangeably. But generally speaking, there are some differences between the primary roles of each position. Most notably:

  • Legal Assistant: Manages administrative and general office tasks as needed.
  • Paralegal: Manages tasks under the supervision of an attorney, such as drafting pleadings, filing documents, communicating with courts, and assisting clients. 

Often, paralegals perform many of the same tasks as legal assistants, however, paralegals often have a higher level of education and training, and work more closely with attorneys and clients.

How to Outsource Your Legal Assistance Needs

If outsourcing to a legal assistant sounds like something your law firm could benefit from, a great way to start is identifying your needs and then researching your options. See below for some helpful tips on where to begin.

Identify Your Firm’s Needs

There are many tasks in a law firm that don’t directly generate revenue. Many of these tasks are administrative in nature, such as research, data entry, filing, and legal intake. If your staff is currently stretched thin, outsourcing some tasks to a legal assistant could be a great way to boost revenue generation by having your in-house staff focus on those tasks. 

Set a Budget

The goal of outsourcing to a legal assistant is to allow attorneys and in-house staff more time to focus on revenue-generating tasks. Before hiring a legal assistant, take a look at your law firm’s budget and revenue. Consider how many hours your current staff spends doing those tasks, and at what pay rate. Then, calculate how much money could be saved by hiring a legal assistant for those tasks. This is how you will determine what sort of budget you are looking at to invest in a legal assistant. 

Recruit, Interview and Hire

Once you know what your budget is, your next step is finding potential hires and interviewing them. There are a few ways you can find legal assistants – websites, referrals, LinkedIn networks, or outsourcing agencies like Legal Conversion Center.

Take your time when interviewing to find someone you feel comfortable working with remotely. Some good qualities to look for in a legal assistant include:

  • Some level of education in the legal or business industry
  • Relevant knowledge or experience in the legal industry
  • A working knowledge of law and legal terminology
  • Willingness to communicate openly and regularly
  • Knowledge of legal programs, websites, and software
  • Personality traits that will complement your team

Set an Onboarding Schedule

Once you have found the perfect candidate, the next step is setting an onboarding schedule. For at least the first few weeks, it will be helpful for your legal assistant to work the same hours that your firm is open. You may be in different time zones, so coordination and communication are important. You should know within a few weeks if the relationship is going to work well for your firm and the new hire.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Outsource Legal Assistant?

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing work to a legal assistant. Some of the most notable benefits to law firms and attorneys include:

  • Reduces Cost: Outsourcing generally is on a contract basis and does not include costs like benefits, payroll taxes, or insurance.
  • Saves Time: Outsourcing to a legal assistant frees up your time so you can focus on the core tasks that need your attention.
  • Improves Customer Service: When you and/or your staff are stretched thin, the quality of your customer service can suffer. Outsourcing to a consistent legal assistant can ensure that your clients and potential clients receive quality, consistent service every time they call or email.
  • Improves Efficiency: Legal assistants take care of many tasks that otherwise would fall to attorneys. By delegating tasks, your entire office runs more smoothly and efficiently because your team members are each doing what they are best at.  

Other Outsourced Services to Consider

Outsourcing to a legal assistant sounds pretty great, right? Did you know that companies like Legal Conversion Center offer this service and many others that can improve your firm’s efficiency and bottom line? In addition to legal assistants, LCC provides:

Answering Services

Legal Conversion Center is a law firm’s one-stop for all legal intake needs. Our entire philosophy is based on the idea that great outsourcing can help law firms be more efficient and effective, and therefore, can better care for the needs of their clients. That’s why our intake team is specially trained in legal intake, including legal terminology, empathy, HIPAA regulations, call control, and more.

Why Legal Conversion Center  

Why choose LCC over the competition? When it comes to legal intake, there is no competition! LCC’s proprietary process and innovative technology sets us apart from our competitors. Not only that, but with decades of call center and customer service experience, we know what our clients need. When you partner with LCC, you are guaranteed to see an increase in your conversion rates, client satisfaction, and overall efficiency.

Best States To Practice Personal Injury Law

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Team of call agents helping clients in the best states to practice personal injury law.

Personal injury law is a very common practice type, and one that is relevant in all states. Clients in all 50 states rely on personal injury lawyers to help them protect their rights and get justice after an injury. But for lawyers, not all states are as convenient for personal injury law as others. In our guide below, we take a look at the top five best states to practice personal injury law, and what sets them apart.

No matter what state you choose to practice law in, Legal Conversion Center can help you get the personal injury clients and conversions that you need to grow.

Criteria for Evaluation

There are a few reasons why some states are more convenient for personal injury lawyers than others. Many of those reasons involve the state’s court system. Some of the relevant factors in the court system include:

  • State negligence laws
  • Damages awarded to defendants
  • Judge fairness and competence

In addition to the court system, there are other factors to consider when practicing in different states, such as job growth, housing market, and average salaries. At LCC, our list below is based on all of these factors. We summarize the top five best states to practice personal injury law to help both seasoned lawyers and those looking to hang their first shingle. Here is the count down:

Growth States For Personal Injury Firms

The guide will highlight the states most favorable for personal injury cases. A countdown is below:

5. Illinois

The court system in Illinois is pretty standard when it comes to negligence laws and personal injury cases. But where the state shines for lawyers and law firms is in its healthy economy. The economy in Illinois has improved over the past few years. The average mean income among lawyers is one of the increases that may bring more lawyers into the state. Between 2014 and 2018, the mean income increased by more than 22%

While income has increased in recent years, the overall cost of living in Illinois remains fairly stable and moderate. Compared to many other states, Illinois remains a relatively affordable place to live with reasonable average home prices.

4. Maine

Maine is a great state to practice personal injury law primarily due to their generous legal system. the state is one of only two state (North Dakota being the other) that has a statute of limitation of six (6) years on personal injury claims. That is three times longer than most states. Additionally, this state has more strict auto insurance requirements than other states, which means that drivers who are injured are more likely to get a reasonable settlement if they are injured by someone who is uninsured or underinsured.

3. North Dakota

North Dakota also has a lot going for it in the way of personal injury rules. As we mentioned, it is the only other state in the U.S. to have a six-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims. Another reason (albeit unfortunate­) that North Dakota is a great place for personal injury lawyers to practice is that there are a lot of auto accidents in the state. Per capita, North Dakota has one of the highest rates of fatal auto accidents in the U.S. They are also known for having one of the highest rates of inattentive (i.e. negligent) drivers. While that is certainly unfortunate for drivers and injured victims, it means that there is plenty of business for personal injury lawyers.

2. Florida

Florida is not as well-known for economic growth and legal salaries as other states, but it is a very lawyer-friendly state. In fact, there are around five lawyers for every 1,000 residents in Florida. But don’t let the high density of lawyers deter you – Florida is a state with a high rate of personal injury cases. That is partly due to the vast highway system, and partly due to the influx of holiday tourists.

Coupled with a generous population of drivers on Florida roads at any given time, one reason that Florida is one of the best states to practice personal injury law is because of the state’s lax insurance laws. Florida only requires personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, which generally only covers the policyholders injuries. Liability insurance is strictly voluntary, which means a lot of people who cause accidents will not be held financially liable for the injuries and damage they cause. This is when personal injury lawyers are needed most to help clients pursue justice.

1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a great state to practice personal injury law if you prefer to settle your cases, rather than take them to trial. This has the lowest percentage of uninsured drivers in the U.S. That means less claims involving uninsured drivers and insurance companies fighting over paying out claims.

Massachusetts also is known for having a high rate of medical malpractice claims each year, which is another plus for personal injury lawyers who are skilled in medical malpractice law. The reason that malpractice rates are so high is due to the state’s innovative and advanced hospital systems, which frequently feature technology and medical equipment to treat patients. There are also high rates of pain and suffering claims in medical malpractice cases, which are more subtle. This is a ripe field for a lawyer skilled in medical torts.

The state also ranks number one on our list because of their healthy economy and low population of lawyers. The state has seen income and employment growth in recent years, but the percentage of law offices remains below three percent. With healthy average incomes for lawyers, Massachusetts is a great place to start out, or take your already thriving law firm to a new level.

Let Us Help Your Firm Grow

Whether you are a new lawyer just starting out, or are a seasoned lawyer looking for a new environment to practice – the top five best states to practice personal injury law we discuss above each offer something enticing. From growing economies to higher-than-average salaries, few insured motorist to high rates of medical malpractice – these states are a great place to practice personal injury law.

At Legal Conversion Center, we help lawyers and law firms grow their firms. By partnering with us, your firm has a stable and consistent intake system and team that is there for you no matter where you choose to set up practice.

Streamline Processes 

One of the many benefits of working with LCC is our streamlined processes. Legal intake services are available 24/7/365 to law firms in every state. Intake specialists are trained in matters related to personal injury law, including qualifying leads, HIPAA regulations, empathy, and call control. Our services are also easily integrated into your case and client management systems so you have immediate access to the information you need.

Retain More Clients 

At LCC, we know that personal injury cases can be complex and time consuming. With our 24/7/365 services, you will never miss a potential client who calls or emails. What’s more, we have the highest conversion rates among legal call centers. Our team is efficient and effective at retaining more clients and growing your firm.

Know Your Numbers

Want to boost your leads and convert more inquiries into paying clients? That’s what we do at LCC. Our mission is to improve your conversion rate and boost your firm’s return on investment (ROI). With our competitive pricing and innovate process, LCC is the only choice for legal intake that works for your firm. Find out how LCC can grow your firm with a consultation and quote.

How to Get Immigration Leads

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Female intake specialist processing immigration leads for legal firms.

The success of your law firm depends on the success of your marketing efforts. The right marketing strategies can boost your immigration leads and clients. Are your marketing efforts generating leads and converting them into clients? If not, it may be time to address how to get immigration leads more successfully.

At Legal Conversion Center, we have decades of experience helping law firms generate leads, qualify them, and convert them into paying clients. Read on to learn more about how you can get more immigration leads and take your law firm to new heights. 

Know Your Audience

As an immigration law firm, you are seeking clients with specific needs. That means your marketing needs to be targeted to those potential clients. Your ideal audience will be individuals and families who are looking for immigration law assistance. They may be located in the United States, or be searching for help from outside the U.S. Researching where potential clients are located can help you target specific states, cities, or regions.

It is also important to understand who your audience is, and what type of legal help they are looking for. Individuals looking for immigration law assistance will search for terms like:

  • Green Cards
  • Family-Based Immigration
  • Employment Immigration
  • Deportation
  • U.S. Citizenship

Knowing your audience is the first step to creating a successful marketing plan that will generate more quality leads.

Identify how they search for help

Once you identify your audience, you need to also know how they are searching for legal help. Are they searching on Google? Browsing social media? Asking friends and family? Or maybe they are searching through the newspaper. The fact is, you can’t reach potential clients if you don’t know where to place your branding and advertisements. The more you know about your audience and their habits, the better you can plan your marketing to meet their needs.

Marketing Tactics to Generate Immigration Leads

Most law firm leads are generated online. That’s why search engine optimization, content marketing, and pay-per-click ads are so popular. The more your law firm is placed in front of potential clients, the more likely they are to click on your website, complete a form, or give you a call. Some of the most effective marketing tactics to generate leads include:

Appear Locally with a Google Business Listing

When potential clients begin searching for immigration law firms, they will most often begin with Google. The search results on Google will include Yelp and other resources that are proximate to the searcher’s location. You can attract more leads by completing a Google Business Listing and appearing in more local searches. 

Paid Search Ads

Paid search ads is one of the best ways to generate immigration leads. Pay-per-click (PPC) and Google Adwords campaigns are two of the most popular services. With these services, you can monitor and track your return on investment (ROI), as well as which campaigns are performing best, and which could use some help. PPC ads, in particular, are a great way to get featured at the top of search results pages when someone searches for your target keyword.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most tried-and-true ways to boost organic traffic and leads. Google algorithms use keywords and other SEO metrics to determine which websites appear in search results, in which order. To rank toward the top of page one, you will need to SEO optimize your website and content based on your target keywords, such as “immigration law firm,” “Houston immigration lawyer,” etc. 

Social Media Ads

Social media is a great way to specifically target your audience. Using different social media platforms is a great way to reach a wide variety of ages and demographics. Targeting within those platforms includes use of hash tags, keywords, and targeted ad campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a viable option to generate leads. Building your list of email contacts is an ongoing process as you market and network. Drip campaigns are a popular way to generate immigration leads because you can pre-set messages or newsletters and have them delivered over time.

Networking with other firms

Lawyers in the same region frequently attend the same events. Networking with other law firms is a great way to generate quick, quality leads. For example, someone contacts your friend’s law firm with immigration questions, but they only practice personal injury law. Instead of referring them back to Google or the Bar Association, have your friend refer the potential client directly to you. In exchange, you can refer leads back to them when the situation warrants.

Tips for Closing Leads

Once you start generating immigration leads, the next step is closing on those leads. There are a few things you can do to close leads and ensure that the leads your law firm gets are as applicable as possible. 

Write for Your Audience

Choosing keywords is important, but so is how you use them. When creating content for your website, blog, or marketing campaigns, make sure to write for your audience. If you are targeting individuals looking for immigration services, an ad campaign about a defective medical device likely will not drive leads to your site. A campaign about changes to recent immigration laws, however, might.

Automate as much as possible

Automating your lead generation strategies is a great way to keep your marketing moving forward without having to ‘babysit’ the process. Services like Google Analytics are highly automated and can keep track of your ad campaigns and which strategies are working the best. Analytics tools will track and easily report key information like ROI, leads, cost per lead, conversion rate, and more.

Outsource Legal Intake to Save Time and Money

As a lawyer, you stay busy with your caseload and docket. The last thing you need to be concerned with are the details of your ad campaigns or tracking where your leads are coming from. Fortunately, with companies like Legal Conversion Center, you don’t have to. Outsourcing legal intake to a company like LCC can save you time by allowing you to focus on where you are needed most. Outsourcing can save you money because you don’t have to worry about hiring or training someone, or relocating a staff member to fill the intake need. 

About Legal Conversion Center

At Legal Conversion Center, we are more than a law firm answering service. We offer comprehensive legal intake services to law firms throughout the United States. Our philosophy, training, and state-of-the-art technology makes us truly a one-of-a-kind call center that our partners trust. When you partner with LCC, you have access to our fully-customizable services, including:

Our mission is to generate more quality leads and get more conversions for your law firm. Find out more about how our services can work for you by contacting us for a free quote.

Toxic Baby Formula Lawsuit

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Need a toxic baby formula lawsuit intake specialist? If your Law firm is seeking clients related to baby formula and NEC, it is important that your intake team understands the emotional and delicate nature of these cases. At Legal Conversion Center, our legal intake services are provided by highly trained intake professionals. Our team knows how important it is to be compassionate while effectively guiding potential clients through the intake process. We can handle your intake needs so you can focus on your clients.

Lawsuit Information

Studies dating back to the 1990s suggest that feeding premature babies cow’s milk-based formulas can increase the risk of NEC substantially. In 2011, the U.S. Surgeon General’s office reported that, among vulnerable premature babies, “formula feeding is associated with higher rates of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).” In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics also stated that premature babies should only receive human-based milk (breast milk) due to the risk of NEC associated with cow’s milk-based formulas.

As if the NEC risk alone isn’t bad enough, manufacturers of potentially toxic baby formula have failed to include a warning on their product labels, or provide guidance to healthcare providers on how to reduce the risk of NEC. As a result, angered parents and caregivers have filed lawsuits against manufacturers like Abbott Laboratories, Inc. (Similac) and Mead Johnson & Company, LLC (Enfamil). Baby formula lawsuits contain causes of action including:

  • Product Liability for Design Defect
  • Failure to Warn
  • Negligence
  • Intentional Misrepresentation
  • Breach of Warranty
  • Wrongful Death

The strongest argument in these lawsuits is the fact that research finding show a clear correlation between cow’s milk-based formulas and NEC, but formula manufacturers continued to manufacture and sell the products without a warning. Plaintiffs contend that the manufacturers knew, or should have known, about the risk of NEC but intentionally failed to place adequate warnings on product labels.

What is Necrotizing Enterocolitis?

If your law firm’s intake team is screening potential clients for NEC-related cases, it is important that your team knows what NEC is. NEC is a gastrointestinal disease that occurs mostly in premature babies. Babies at the highest risk are those born weighing less than 3.25 pounds who receive baby formula during the first days and/or weeks of life.

Experts believe that cow’s milk-based formulas cause buildup and inflammation in the intestines because the premature baby’s body cannot process it properly. As a result of the inflammation, the intestinal wall can erode or die (necrosis). This can lead to bowel perforations, infections, sepsis, and death. Since a premature baby’s immune system cannot fight off bacteria, infections can be fatal.

Parents and healthcare providers should monitor premature babies closely if they are being fed cow’s milk-based formula or fortifier. Symptoms of NEC can include:

  • Tender, red, or swollen stomach
  • Abdominal pressure
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Diarrhea (often with blood)
  • Abnormal breathing
  • Low blood pressure

NEC is fatal in around 50% of cases due to bacteria leaking into the abdomen. Babies that do survive often experience long-term health complications. It is truly devastating for families to suffer a tragic illness or loss due to a product they trusted as safe and healthy.

What Products are Included in Baby Formula Lawsuits?

There are numerous baby formula brands and varieties listed in toxic baby formula lawsuits. Some of the most well-known formulas include:

  • Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare
  • Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier
  • Enfamil 24 Cal
  • Similac Special Care 20
  • Similac NeoSure
  • Similac Liquid Protein Fortifier
  • Similac Special Care 24
  • Similac Special Care 30
  • Similac Special Care 24 – High Protein

Not all baby formulas have the same risk of NEC as these products. However, as lawsuits continue to be filed, more brands and varieties of formula continue to be added to the list of potentially dangerous products.

There are currently no baby formula recalls directly related to NEC, but parents should be careful to monitor recalls and safety alerts if they use formula.

Accepting Toxic Baby Formula Lawsuit Clients?

Law firms across the U.S. continue to investigate potential lawsuits related to Enfamil and Similac infant formulas. If your law firm is looking to acquire NEC cases, Legal Conversion Center can help. Our approach is simple – we handle screening, qualifying, and retaining potential clients so you can focus on getting the justice your clients deserve.

At LCC, we understand the balance between offering a compassionate listening ear while also guiding clients through the intake process. That’s why our staff is trained in how to manage delicate situations with empathy, professionalism, and accuracy. NEC-related cases are difficult, but with LLC on your side, you can have peace of mind that your potential clients are being treated with dignity and respect.

To learn more about LCC’s proprietary process and technology, contact us for a free quote. We offer a variety of customizable services to help your law firm get more c