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Spanish Support

Did you know that more than 20% of Americans speak Spanish? If your law firm does not have a Spanish support answering service, you could be missing out on one-fifth of your potential clients. At Legal Conversion Center, our Spanish support answering service is designed with your law firm’s growth in mind.

Our bilingual agents provide the support you need for legal intake, contract acquisition, administrative tasks, and follow-up. With our Spanish support services, you have the benefits of:

  • Reducing in-house hiring costs
  • Staff that is available 24/7/365
  • Boosting your credibility in the Spanish-speaking community
  • Increasing your revenue
  • Freeing you up to focus on your caseload

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Bilingual Answering Services With Fluent English/Spanish Agents

When clients contact your law firm, they are looking for help with a legal matter that is very serious to them. Clients may be emotional and confused. If there is a language barrier between your intake staff and potential clients, you could lose those leads. Language barriers can make clients feel frustrated and embarrassed, which may cause them to look elsewhere, or not get the legal support they really need.

At LCC, our team includes agents who are fluent in English and Spanish. This helps avoid potential language barriers which could cost you valuable clients. Our technology allows us to seamlessly connect your potential new clients with a Spanish-speaking agent, which eliminates wait times and anxiety. Providing support that meets the needs of Spanish-speaking clients ensures that you never miss a potential lead.

English/Spanish Agents Training

At LCC, we take pride in training our agents in a variety of skills that are relevant to the legal industry. Our English- and Spanish-speaking agents all receive training in the following:

  • Call Control
  • Empathy
  • Legal Terminology
  • Federal HIPAA Regulations
  • Mass Tort Legal Intake
  • Injury Law Intake

All of our agents are trained and receive routine monitoring and feedback to ensure that we consistently meet the needs of our partners and their clients. Some of the areas where we focus our training and support are:

1. Communicating Politely and Professionally

One of the foundational skills of great call center agents is the ability to communicate politely and professionally. Of course you want to make a good impression on potential new clients. LCC can help make sure that happens!

2. Intake of New Customers

When a potential new client contacts your office, they have a story to tell and questions to ask. By partnering with a Spanish support answering service, you are establishing your law firm as diverse and welcoming to all clients. You are also ensuring that your Spanish-speaking clients have access to the information and support that they need.

3. Empathy for High-Stress Situations

Legal matters are often anxiety-inducing for clients. Great call center agents are able to manage high-stress situations with grace and empathy. At LCC, we provide empathy and call control training for all of our agents. We believe that every potential client should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity – regardless of their situation.

4. Accurately Taking Messages

During the average day, your law firm receives dozens, if not hundreds of phone calls. Sometimes our agents will need to record messages to pass along to your in-house staff and/or attorneys. LCC provides training for all of our English- and Spanish-speaking agents to ensure that messages are recorded with accuracy. We also monitor our staff to ensure that proper protocols are followed when transferring messages to your staff. 

5. Sending Live Calls and Forwarding Calls Properly

We have all been there – on hold waiting for someone to pick up, or on hold waiting for someone to transfer us to the appropriate person. This holding pattern can be frustrating, especially when a potential new client is already anxious and wants to find answers quickly. At LCC, we train all of our agents in how to properly transfer and forward calls. Our training includes warm and cold transfers:

  • Warm Transfer: A warm transfer occurs when the agent places the client on hold while briefly introducing the client and situation to the attorney or staff member. Then, the client is transferred over and the recipient is already informed on the client’s needs.
  • Cold Transfer: A cold transfer occurs when the client is transferred to another agent, staff member, or attorney without any briefing or introduction.

Cold transfers are less favorable than warm transfers because it opens the opportunity for the recipient to be unavailable, which could result in the client having to wait for a call back. Warm transfers also ensure that the client does not have to repeat their situation multiple times before reaching the attorney or intended recipient.

Let Us Help Your Firm Grow

Is your law firm looking to reach more Spanish-speaking clients? Let Legal Conversion Center help! Our highly-trained bilingual call center agents are here to help you reach more clients and take your law firm to new heights. Why Choose LCC?

Streamline Processes

At LCC, our bilingual answering services provide more than the average call center. We offer comprehensive intake and support services that support the goals and growth of your firm. Our customizable services are tailored to your brand and goals. Our propriety process and state-of-the-art technology and integrations streamline intake and client acquisition, and ensure that your law firm is equipped for success.

Retain More Clients

Law firms that partner with LCC consistently report getting more leads and conversions than ever before. That’s because our process was thoughtfully crafted based on decades of call center, intake, and customer service experience. Staff training, innovative technology, and our proprietary process provides a Spanish support answering service that your law firm and clients can count on. 

Know Your Numbers

At LCC, what sets us apart from the competition is our thoughtful services and pricing structure. We believe that your money should be well spent and should see a return. That’s why our services are customizable and flexible, and our pricing is based on your needs. We believe that you should never be charged for services you don’t want or need.

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