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Legal Intake Call Center

In the competitive and dynamic world of law, the ability to efficiently and effectively manage new client inquiries is paramount. Legal intake professionals, also known as legal intake specialists or legal intake experts, play a pivotal role in this process. These professionals are well-trained in the art of client communication and information gathering.

At Legal Conversion Center, our legal intake services are provided by a team of highly-trained intake agents. Our services include intake, answering services, case management integration, contract management, and much more. All of these services put our training and expertise in your corner to help your law firm grow.

Legal Intake Services for Your Firm

At Legal Conversion Center, our legal intake professionals play a vital role in helping law firms efficiently manage and evaluate incoming cases. These dedicated individuals serve as the first point of contact for potential clients, collecting essential information, and assessing the merit of cases.

The leadership team at LCC has more than 100 years of combined experience working in or with call centers and customer service. From building our platform and services to hiring and training our intake agents, our goal is providing the best legal intake services the industry has to offer.

Our services are all fully customizable and scalable. Some of the practice areas we are proficient in include:  

  • Personal Injury
  • Immigration
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Mass Torts
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability

LCC has worked with law firms of all shapes and sizes – all across the U.S. From small boutique firms to large corporations, we provide services that fit the unique needs of each attorney or firm that partners with us.

Benefits of Using Legal Intake Professionals

Let’s take a closer look at the numerous benefits of using legal intake professionals within a law firm or practice:

Professionalism and Client Experience

The first and foremost benefit of using legal intake professionals is the enhancement of the client experience. From the moment a potential client reaches out to a law firm, their first interaction can set the tone for their entire legal journey. Legal intake professionals are trained to provide a warm, empathetic, and professional reception. They have the skills and knowledge to guide clients through the initial consultation, answer their questions, and address their concerns promptly. This not only makes clients feel heard and valued but also increases the chances of retaining their business.

Allows Firm to Focus on Clients

Legal intake professionals are experts in data collection and organization. They streamline the intake process by efficiently gathering all the necessary information from clients. This includes personal details, case specifics, and any relevant documentation. By having a systematic approach to data collection, law firms can save time and resources while ensuring that no vital information is missed or overlooked. This efficiency allows attorneys to focus on their core legal work rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Availability and Accessibility

Clients often require immediate assistance, especially when they are facing legal issues. Legal intake professionals can provide a prompt response to inquiries, ensuring that clients do not feel neglected or ignored. Their availability to answer questions, schedule appointments, and guide clients during emergencies fosters a sense of trust and reliability. This level of responsiveness can set law firms apart from their competitors.

Professional Training and Expertise

Legal intake professionals follow standardized procedures and checklists, and receive professional training, to ensure that each potential client is treated consistently. This consistency is vital for law firms to maintain professionalism and avoid overlooking crucial details. Standardized intake procedures also assist in documenting the case history accurately, making it easier for attorneys to refer back to information when necessary. This uniformity helps in the delivery of a reliable and predictable service to clients.


A professional legal intake service can be cost-effective for law firms by offering specialized expertise, reducing overhead, providing scalability, leveraging technology, improving productivity, eliminating overtime costs, enhancing client retention, reducing training expenses, offering access to analytics, mitigating risks, and allowing law firms to concentrate on their core legal services. This outsourcing solution can help law firms operate more efficiently and allocate their resources wisely, resulting in cost savings and improved client satisfaction.

Data Collection and Reporting

Data collection and reporting are valuable tools offered by legal intake professionals. These skilled professionals excel in systematically gathering and organizing essential information from clients, ensuring that no critical details are overlooked. This meticulous data collection not only streamlines the intake process but also paves the way for accurate case assessments. Moreover, legal intake professionals maintain a thorough record of client interactions, enabling law firms to access valuable insights and metrics. This data-driven approach empowers firms to make informed decisions, track the effectiveness of their intake processes, and continuously refine their services.

How Our Legal Intake Team Supports Your Firm

At Legal Conversion Center, our legal intake professionals provide top-notch services that our partners come to trust. Not only do we provide a variety of customizable services, but our foundation is supporting law firms in a way that frees up resources and attorney attention to what matters most. How do we accomplish these goals?

Multilingual Support

We live in a very diverse society, and failing to engage multiple languages and cultures could mean your law firm is failing to convert potentially valuable leads. Multilingual support is a significant advantage of working with a professional legal intake service like LCC. Our multilingual support services extend your firm’s reach to a broader client base and promotes inclusivity. It also demonstrates your firm’s commitment to accessibility, making legal services more approachable and accommodating for individuals from diverse backgrounds.


At LCC, our legal intake services are fully scalable and adaptable to the specific needs and preferences of your law firm. We believe that a “cookie-cutter” approach is the wrong approach to effective legal intake. Whether your firm focuses on personal injury, family law, criminal defense, or any other area of practice, our team can tailor our approach to suit the unique requirements of your firm. This adaptability ensures that our partner firms can scale their intake processes as they grow or diversify practice areas.

Integration with your Case Management System

The legal intake experts at LCC free up attorneys’ time by handling the initial stages of client engagement. Beyond that, our case management integration allows in-house staff to focus on the day-to-day tasks and work with clients while we handle incoming calls, scheduling appointments, or gathering preliminary information – all of which is seamlessly integrated into your existing system. This increased efficiency allows attorneys to take on more cases and serve their clients more effectively, ultimately contributing to higher productivity and revenue for the law firm.

Case Assessment and Valuation

Accurate case assessment is essential for law firms to take on cases that align with their expertise and capabilities. Working with LCC’s intake agents is a great way to ensure that your leads are assessed and qualified based on your protocols and desired case valuation. Our agents are trained to ask the right questions, probe for essential details, and identify potential red flags or conflicts of interest. This information allows you to determine the viability of a case and whether you can provide the best possible representation. This pre-screening process prevents wasted time and resources on cases that may not be a good fit.


The importance of legal call center compliance cannot be overstated, as it is essential for both ethical and legal reasons. At LCC, we are committed to maintaining strict adherence to regulations including attorney-client privilege, data protection laws, and industry-specific guidelines. We maintain compliance with regulations including:

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 
  • Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

Compliance ensures that sensitive client information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security, preventing breaches that could lead to legal liabilities. You can learn more about our commitment to compliance here.

Let Our Legal Intake Services Work for You

Legal Conversion Center is a leader in the legal call center industry. We focus on the unique needs of law firms and attorneys, and offer solutions that a cost-effective, efficient, and compliant with applicable regulations. Our partners know that they can trust our knowledge, expertise, and training for high-quality service that returns on their investment. Let our legal intake services work to grow your law firm! Contact us today for a free quote.